Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exhaustion + Post about girls' night out last Friday

I'm starting to look like this most of the time. No time, no energy for hair and makeup. Skin's getting worse too, I might have to see a dermatologist soon. FUDGEEEEEEE. I already went to the doctor's twice this month. For the Girl Who Falls Sick Only Once A Year... this is THE PITS.

My mind's fill with unimaginable expletives whenever i see THIS in the mirror. Oh well. 3 more years. Just 3. I'll hang in there!

My head felt so heavy today I thought it was gonna drop and at that point of time, I couldn't have cared less if it rolled off the face of the Earth and never came back. Drank 3 cups of tea and 1 can of red bull today, had a 30minute nap during lunchtime.... and THEN I went to school (And I am thankful that I ALWAYS have people to sit with). Sooooooo glad to be FINALLY home. ♥ Never been the kind to admit to being tired.. so this time, it's kind of a bit deal.

I really should get started on schoolwork, but ohh what the hell. I need to write about last week.
Popo got a new camera, and me, being the nice soul I am, offered to HELP her. ;)  I mean..
New camera = need to experiment = need faces. EVERYBODY SAY AWWWWW.

DINNER @ Mos Burger. Too hungry to take photos, haha =P


Went to Sentosa Broadwalk afterwards, now I know how to get access to my favourite place in Singapore at $1 instead of the usal $3! My camera's no good at night shots though, so, no photos, unfortunately! Then we watched the very much talked about Crane Dance. About 2 Cranes falling in love or something. The storyline isn't the main attraction, so.. pfft. The effects were magnificient, but I don't have time to describe it..

Here's a anyhow-taken-pic, just to give you an idea.

There's a Harry's at Harbourfront Centre!! :D

I'm only posting this cos DEAR MISSY CHERI likes her hair here.

Thanks for giving me a split second warning! Appreciate it. HAHAHA.

I know Cheri's gonna hate how she looks like here, but I happen to like it. HEHE.

Ok here's a proper one.

                   TRUTH IS... WE DON'T HAVE A PROPER ONE.
                           Unless.... you don't mind the usual Toilet Shots. Teehee.

I like how she can't be seen here. Now you know why you should never wear black at night.

Visited Luke Skywalker. Hans Solo married to Leia now, so Luke Skywalker fell in love with me.
I have my own galaxy now and may the force be with me and I will kill Jabba the Hutt's offspring if he has any. I will be a LEGENDDDD.

Group pic while going home, and I loooove you!

Loveeee, Shuuuuuuu.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Diary, I had my first ever breakdown today

I very nearly _________, after having a screaming fest at home about my studies, and after running to the bathroom on my office floor to BURST INTO TEARS. You know I have almost (or maybe absolutely) NEVER lost my cool. NEVER EVER. Oh well I guess there's always a first time.
It's just that some other people suck, and the bombshell dropped was more horrible and overwhelming then the others, which I am more or less accustomed to.

I have never had an emotional outburst before. So this is what it feels like.

Sorry for the rants, I do have happier posts in my drafts. Can't reply to comments now too cause I'm at work!

I don't think I can take this anymore.

So... I think I might be giving up. It's too much to handle. Maybe I am incompetent or....
Do you know how much it sucks to work full time and study 'part-time'? "Part-Time" studies actually mean   studying for a degree at NIGHT, with the full load Full Time Students get.

Things are coming on too fast and I am screwing up just as fast and perhaps it is time to do something about it.  

My boss is talking to me now but i need to run to the toilet because I am going to burst into tears and the last time I 'burst into tears' was the first day of school when i was 7 years old on my first day of school. DAMMIT.

I have never seen a more fucked up group of people.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello, you from Dehli, thank you for visiting my blog

So you like to Google ":girl and girl shushu touch picture or photo." because I have seen you twice today. I know what you mean, but you probably won't get much results from this ahahaha.
Sorry for the disappointment!
I could tell you what to type, but that wouldn't be good for the kids reading my blog, would it? :P

Sorry people! I won't be on much these days! Exam Blues. hope you understand! :)

People who reply to a question with another question

What are your thoughts on them?
I think....... jhdyiwueowendjkggfbfa,sdnsbsdywgweoweiowewlelkn;

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When your mum invites people to your house without warning

And you look like THIS.
(Ok SOMETHING like this. I can't put there real one online our you'll be in therapy for the rest of your lives. 

I could look worse, you know. Anyway, on Sunday,  my mum was out with some relatives, and, to my ABSOLUTE MORTIFICATION she called out of the blue and was like : " Hey we're downstairs now, gonna come up! Tell your sister!"

My expression was kinda like this ahahaha:

I don't know if I would have preferred to look like this:

Or this:

I usually look like a mess at home, more than I usually do. :D
So I was running around like a headless chicken. You know, to hide stuff, like our prized DVDs and storybooks so that in case someone says;"OH HEY I LIKE THAT".

My mum is a very obliging and magnanimous lady.

Well but I couldn't be looking like a horrible monster in front of people I only see once every few years, I left the Hiding of Treasure to my sister. And I went to comb my hair, apply a little lip balm, change into a shirt which didn't look like I've worn it for more than a decade and on the verge of falling apart... in an ATTEMPT to make myself look a litttttleeee bit better.

All for that 10 seconds of Hello How Are You I Am Fine I Hope You Are Too .... and SMILEEEE.