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Exhaustion + Post about girls' night out last Friday

I'm starting to look like this most of the time. No time, no energy for hair and makeup. Skin's getting worse too, I might have to see a dermatologist soon. FUDGEEEEEEE. I already went to the doctor's twice this month. For the Girl Who Falls Sick Only Once A Year... this is THE PITS.
My mind's fill with unimaginable expletives whenever i see THIS in the mirror. Oh well. 3 more years. Just 3. I'll hang in there!
My head felt so heavy today I thought it was gonna drop and at that point of time, I couldn't have cared less if it rolled off the face of the Earth and never came back. Drank 3 cups of tea and 1 can of red bull today, had a 30minute nap during lunchtime.... and THEN I went to school (And I am thankful that I ALWAYS have people to sit with). Sooooooo glad to be FINALLY home. ♥ Never been the kind to admit to being tired.. so this time, it's kind of a bit deal.

I really should get started on schoolwork, but ohh what the hell. I need to write about last …

Dear Diary, I had my first ever breakdown today

I very nearly _________, after having a screaming fest at home about my studies, and after running to the bathroom on my office floor to BURST INTO TEARS. You know I have almost (or maybe absolutely) NEVER lost my cool. NEVER EVER. Oh well I guess there's always a first time.
It's just that some other people suck, and the bombshell dropped was more horrible and overwhelming then the others, which I am more or less accustomed to.

I have never had an emotional outburst before. So this is what it feels like.

Sorry for the rants, I do have happier posts in my drafts. Can't reply to comments now too cause I'm at work!

I don't think I can take this anymore.

So... I think I might be giving up. It's too much to handle. Maybe I am incompetent or....
Do you know how much it sucks to work full time and study 'part-time'? "Part-Time" studies actually mean   studying for a degree at NIGHT, with the full load Full Time Students get.

Things are coming on too fast and I am screwing up just as fast and perhaps it is time to do something about it.  

My boss is talking to me now but i need to run to the toilet because I am going to burst into tears and the last time I 'burst into tears' was the first day of school when i was 7 years old on my first day of school. DAMMIT.

I have never seen a more fucked up group of people.

Hello, you from Dehli, thank you for visiting my blog

So you like to Google ":girl and girl shushu touch picture or photo."because I have seen you twice today. I know what you mean, but you probably won't get much results from this ahahaha.
Sorry for the disappointment!
I could tell you what to type, but that wouldn't be good for the kids reading my blog, would it? :P

Sorry people! I won't be on much these days! Exam Blues. hope you understand! :)

People who reply to a question with another question

What are your thoughts on them?
I think....... jhdyiwueowendjkggfbfa,sdnsbsdywgweoweiowewlelkn;

When your mum invites people to your house without warning

And you look like THIS.
(Ok SOMETHING like this. I can't put there real one online our you'll be in therapy for the rest of your lives. 

I could look worse, you know. Anyway, on Sunday,  my mum was out with some relatives, and, to my ABSOLUTE MORTIFICATION she called out of the blue and was like : " Hey we're downstairs now, gonna come up! Tell your sister!"
My expression was kinda like this ahahaha:

I don't know if I would have preferred to look like this:
Or this:
I usually look like a mess at home, more than I usually do. :D So I was running around like a headless chicken. You know, to hide stuff, like our prized DVDs and storybooks so that in case someone says;"OH HEY I LIKE THAT".
My mum is a very obliging and magnanimous lady.
Well but I couldn't be looking like a horrible monster in front of people I only see once every few years, I left the Hiding of Treasure to my sister. And I went to comb my hair, apply a little lip balm, change into a shirt…