Quote from Love and other Drugs

I didn't watch the movie, but saw this on my FB newsfeed.
 You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person..and your life is changed, forever.

Have YOU ever met someone like that?

BTW I had had Korean Bimbibab for dinner, and then we went to a Sushi Restaurant.
Shu is a happy girl :)

I don't know why, but I saw this hair straightener in a shop just now... and I suddenly remembered my mum's face when she said that she was gonna buy one for me (she really did). And you know how she always, always likes to save money by the CENT. Hehehe my mum is so cute and sweet, and so is daddy. He was lookng for onion rings in the supermarket because he heard me mention casually that I saw this girl eating onion rings in class. I guess parents all want the best for their kids. My parents aren't filthy rich, but I know they're doing everything to give my sister and I what they can.


Eeshie said…
I have a big nose too!

Aw, your parents sound sweet :)
ishashime said…
awww. your parents sound really sweet. they remind me of mine. :)
Noooo my nose trumps all!! :(

And yup they're really sweet MOST of the time! :D I'm sure your parents are sweet too, though they must nag a lot! most are :)
Lucky us! <3
anummunaf said…
awwww....... u have such a lovely parents
do take care of them
Hello anummmunaf, I will! :)

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