Crushes, Infatuations and I am so over mine

Yes, girls and boys (I'm so sorry ESPECIALLY to the boys who had to entertain my rubbish about "OMG HE IS SO CUTE ?" haha. I have no idea what the hell came over me.)

I'm only writing this here, in public because I am so over this. Here's a note Little Miss Psycho -aka yours truly wrote on Facebook (with Mr Tall blocked of course), in my very out-of-character-madness.
I'll have to delete quite a few of the "I like it when you" stuff though or it'll be too obvious. ;P
I love my friends for entertaining me throughout that 2 weeks, HAHAHA I BOMBARDED anyone who would listen, and everyone were sooooo excited because well... I never did had a crush on anyone.

It's not everyday I have crushes on regular people. *PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS ON MY FACEBOOK WALL OR STATUSES OR I'LL JUST DIE. :)The last time and only time I had one was like... when i was 14 and I only liked him because he was cute, I never ever spoke to him and the crush was wayyyy short-lived. See, I never really like LIKE people. I usually tallk about celebrities because... they are wayyyy out of reach so... its's just for fun and nobody will talk, ya know? Anyway this post's just for fun too. Don't think too much. Haha. I can't write this on my blog hahaha so I gotta do this here, and block a few people from seeing this. So all but one would think that I'm a psycho. Pardon the English. I'm trying to rush this.

So listen to this song: Crush by David Archuleta

        Dear Mr Tall,

I like your hair.
I like your height.  How perfect.
I like how amazingly nice and understanding you are.
I like your voice. It's so soothing and gentle, but yet not effeminate.
I like your smile.
I like it that your English doesn't suck.
I like how you say 'lah'.
I like how you told me your name and I couldn't really hear it the first time.
I like the circumstances we met in. It was a one in a million thing, must be fate HAHA.
I like how I was kinda sick and looked shittier than I usually do, and you still talked to me.
Sometimes I wonder why you talked to me because we were really just... passerbys who erm.. passed by. We would have said one sentence to each other and walked away, forgotten. But you talked to me after tthat even though you didn't need to and we become sorta friends.
I like the fact that we hardly have any mutual friends so I haven't got anything to do for being a psycho.
I like it that you're atheletic.
I love your favourite food too.
I think your favourite colour is black.
I wonder if you talk about me like how I talk about you.
Actually, I don't think you do.
I like how fast you reply to texts. Even at 2am.
I like how most of your friends are boys, like most of my friends are girls.
I like the way you said 'okay' the other time (but I can't say how because it'll be bloody obvious)
Your nose is kinda big at certain angles but I think thats adorable.
I think your tastes in songs is just perfect.
I like how my browser bookmarked our facebook status chat automatically.
I like how you talk to your boys.
I like the way you utter expletives (and just so you know, I think they're funny) to your boys, but never, never once to me.
I like the way you talk about your family.
I like your main hobby though I used to roll my eyes at people with that particular hobby.
I like your smiley emoticons.
I like it when that biatch talks to you and she doesn't get any smiley emoticons. Either that or she doesn't even get a reply.
I the excitement and AHHHHHHHHH OMG feeling when notifications pop up and I know it's you
I really wouldn't mind replying to your texts at 3am once in a while.
I like it that you club occasionally. And not NOT at all or compulsively.
I think I know a lot about you and I can write a Taylor Swift -like Song right now.
I dream about you sometimes ( I think) but I can never remember them.
Sometimes I have to craft my messages real carefully, so that you will WANNNA reply.
I like about 50 other things.I regret not replying to the text - and all because I chickened out.
When you mention that country you realllly wanted to ____, i was like WHAAAAA that's been my dream since 999 years ago!
I find myself grinning like an idiot when you talk/text/facebook me.
I think I would just die if you told me to introduce you to one of my girlfriendsI like how subtle and unrisky this note is.
I'd like to thank you for gving me materials to write for my FUTURE BOOK.
I gotta write everything down before I get bored with you and this topic.
I think you just improved my analytical skills, because I analyse every single thing you say and do.

 Dear Mr Tall,
Most people'll find Bus Stop Boy hotter, but I still think you're the best. I wonder if you find me boring, because I think you're the cutest thing on the planet. I have a fucking huge crush on you HAHAHA. I think I died over and over again from heart attacks when you talked to me. I will continue to stalk you for say.... 2 more weeks. I'll have found someone new to entertain myself and my girlfriends, no worries! Thanks for being an exciting topic to talk about so far, you have been by far, the most interesting. Even more interesting than Wu Chun and Tank. HAHA.

Dear Shu Rin,
You are a psychotic stalker. Haha.
*I can't believe I'm posting this. Please don't take this seriously. I'm just bored!

CHECK THIS SONG OUT - I'd lie by Taylor Swift
I declared this the Story Of My Life.

And maybe, maybe (but i really doubt it) I'll be singing this song

Next post, more about crushes. Maybe.


Furree Katt said…
i LOVED the list of things you liked! that is sooooo adorable, i would never have the patience to analyze stuff like that :O
Crush is a nice song, i used to listen to it a lot when i was 15 and had a massive crush on SOME UGLY GUY hahha
you aren't a stalker! ♥ you should crush more often, it's always fun reading about themmmm.
Smokey_Cat said…
hahaha I also go crazy when I crush!
@Furree oh it doesn't take much time and effort to analyse :P or maybe it's because I do it too often and not only for crushes!
OHHHH ugly guy? He must have been really nice! Seee.. us girls are awesome, we like people cause of their personalities! PS Mr tall isn't good looking, after all. I musty have been blinded by love, haha.

I knowwwwww it's a girl thing huh! Sometimes I wonder if boys go crazy too, of they just don't care! I know they've got crushes, but I can't imagine them overdoing it just like we do! :D
Smokey_Cat said…
Boys also crush, but they never ever ever show it! Damn them, they are all so silly!
They are so silly, it's uber frustrating!!
They should totally learn just a LITTLE from us girls! :P
Anonymous said…
Pfft, so biased! Girls are the silly ones when 'crushing'. This post is a testament to that. Guys are more rational, we think about the girl till we pounce like a lion. If we had our hearts on our selves we'd be one estrogen shot away from breast feeding.

Funny post by the way.
Hello Anonymous! :)

The post seems funny now but trust me, I was feeling @#$%^&U and :( when I wrote it on facebook! But thank you! :)

Yes I admit girls overdo it too much when we crush but.. awww it's soooo fun! Good for girl-bonding sessions!

Btw you seem really fun to talk to! Do let me know if you've got a blog!
Anonymous said…
Yeah... No. I'm considering making a blog, but at the same time I'm curious as to why I would consider it(I'm almost curious to why I'm curious about considering to consider it). Plus there's blogger politics that I'd image would be a complex hierarchy.

For your forthcomingness if I ever get around to it I'll let you know.
ishashime said…
hahaha. don't worry. i get like this when i have a crush on someone, too (which is right now, actually or all the time. haha). i stalk them like there's no tomorrow. xD
@anonymous well I think you can see I'm not quite smart, if you blof about politics I can't discuss much with you! :)ha no worries about blog hierachies? Aww don;t let them worry you!
They don't bother me, because i realy started this blog for myself and some of my friends to read, but I'm glad people who don't know me in real life wanna read too :)


OMG I KNOWWW about the stalking! you know I've never really had a crush on anyone so I thought I was like erm.. a psycho or something! But now I'm glad to know this is sorta normal. AHHH crushes are soooo... interesting, aren't they! :D

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