Annoyingly Mocking Smirks on Valentine's Day

Tell me, am I not keeping myself updated well enough, or is not celebrating Valentine's Day a crime now?

So two years, two years STRAIGHT. I've gotten questions like "what are you gonna do for Vday?"
I can't remember what I did last year. I was either at an Anti-Valentine's Party, or I was just living my (very awesome and friend-filled) life, as usual.
This year. I had night classes.
And fucking hell. I can't even bring myself to describe the responses I get when I say I'm not celebrating this gimmiky, commercialised day. It's annoying. It's like I'm a freak or something.
Or maybe you have a problem with me being single. Dammit. Some people just have other priorities in life. And I just happen to know that I'm neither wierd not ugly. I'm really not the relationship kind of girl, never have been. And FYI to some of your homophobic asses, I'm straight. And you're just jealous because gays and lesbians are way hotter than you'd ever be. :)

Hey... I'm sorry if it's a crime not to celebrate Vday. Since it's a crime... can I punch you in the face too? Since not celebrating Vday is some major crime, so punching you would be NOTHING, right?

Fucking pissed at  some clueless assholes whose idea of conforming to social norms is celebrating Vday.
And fuck. Whoever said that single = not sexually active, single = freak, single = friendless, single = no life are retards, Because those are the biggest misconceptions in the world.
Perhaps I'll roll into bed with those disgusting, fugly losers who are so eager to get laid, add them on Facebook and then link ous relationship statuses. Oh trust me, losers like that are like an epidemic. So fucking widespread, like weeds. You can find one anywhere you like.
And no, this is not a case of sour grapes. This is a case of having low tolerance for certain phrases and expressions.
Too tired after class to continue. Goodnight.


Anonymous said…
I agree!!! It irritates me to no end!!! it's just a day that passes me by :) It was a super hot day here so why be happy!! hehehe :)
Jurgen :)
Teresauras said…
Single Awareness Day is what it sometimes is.
Anonymous said…
lol, I'm going to start reading your blog.
Anonymous 1: Let me know your blog address os that i can read yours too! :D

@Teresauras: YESS i totally agree! They're liek putting us under the limelight and shaming us for what they think of as CRIMES, sucks!

@Jurgen Lucky you that no one asked about your day!!

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