School's Starting Officially Tomorrow, and I'm Egg-cited!

Because I'm a....

I'm a...

Mum and Dad are so cute. They even got me a new table to make more space for my school stuff!
Here's a pic! Sorry it's blur, my poor Camera is at the service centre, so I'm using my super old-school cell for this photo!

It doesn't look like much here but I think it's super pretty! The warm wood colour against the super-sweet pink paint! :)

I've collected most of my textbooks, and they're still nicely sealed =X
I really should start at least unwrapping them now, since school starts tomorrow! Gosh the assignment questions are already out, and I hope I'll be fine, since I haven't written essays since forever!

Now that school is starting (I'm working in the day, and going to school at night a couple times a week), it's time to make some Back-To-School-Cool-resolutions! I've never made any New Year Resolutions, so for me to wanna make some Back To School Resolutions is kinda a big thing! And I'm gonna write it down HERE so that I'll remember!

1) I will not spend time on Facebook clicking aimlessly on my friend's profiles and refreshing the newsfeed every 5 minutes.

2) I will start reading my stash of magazines and start honing my writing skills.

3) I will practice practice practice and get my writing chops back. I need to be one of the best in this aspect again, and it ain't gonng be easy because of my 5 year hiatus.
4) I. Will. Not. Procrastinate.
5) I will sleep by midnight on non-school days.
6) I will not let the obnoxious,lazy bitch get the better of me.

Gotta run, mummy's cooking spagetti!!! YUMMMY!
Little Miss Nerd!


Furree Katt said…
you nerd picture is soooo CUTE ♥
good luck with your list :DD
i LOVE your desk, it's so pretty and spacious, and i love how it looks so good with the pink wall.
yum, spaghetti! i want some now!
Awww thanks!
I'm a nerd, to match you-know-who!! :)

Yessss this desk is wayyyy bigger than my previous one! But I'm a messy person so I'd be complaining about lack of space in a few months!

I'll send some spagatti over!!
ishashime said…
going back to school is always exciting. :D
oh and i love your desk. i wish i had one as awesome as yours. mine is only an improvised desk (it's actually a vanity table) HAHA. xD
also, i don't think i've had spaghetti in a long time now. i miss it. haha.
Hi Ishashime! :)

I like vanity tables! I think they're pretty! And if you're didn;t grow up in an untidy pig stye like I did, it should be awesomeee :D

you can make your own spaghetti! It's easy! :)
TWJ said…
haha wow you won't procrastinate? that's like impossible! well at least for me!

nice table! and you're easily satisfied so sweet!
hi TWJ! :D

Are you judith?

I have never really managed to NOT procrastinate, but... after some working experience in teh real world, I manage just right! :)

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