Mean Girls 2!

Remember all the hype with Mean Girls when we were mere.... KIDS?
Now..Lindsay Lohan is a total wreck. Rachel McAdams is a classy lady who gets rave reviews for her movies. And Amanda Segfried is a kick-ass singer/actress with an impressive resume.

Met the new Plastics.


Furree Katt said…
oh wow! i really want to see this!
I think it's only out on DVD! and i have the feeling the standard's gonna be like that "We Have to Kill John Tucker" ( or something like that) movie!
ishashime said…
wow. i really liked the first mean girls movie. i wanna watch this one and see if it's any better.
btw, the movie you're talking about is John Tucker must die. haha. :D
ishashime, I loved the first one too! I don't know if this one will be kinda B-Gradish too!

OMG HAHAHAHAH YES THAT'S IT! I feel silly now!! ;D

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