I miss..

I miss school.
I miss interacting people my own age.
I miss people who're on the same wavelength as I am.
I miss making friends with anyone I can be bothered to strike friendships with.
I miss talking genuine people with happy-go-lucky lifestyles.
I miss talking to people who I know have no ulterior motives.

And now, I'm in a school with other working adults.

I made a new friend around my age today. I never really noticed how nice it felt to make new friends, guess I used to take many things for granted. New friendships seem to come by in school environments, but why not in the coporate world?

You know, my two 1200-word assignments don't seem all that bad. I think I'll just stick to textbooks and not visit the library. Info overload might just make everything worse!



Kamila said…
Your working? Well I miss school too.. I haven't finish college yet.. well.. I believe not sooner... and I kinda want to say your words too.. I miss school

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