Hello again

Heyheyhey!! How has everyone been?
If anyone's looking at this now, I mean.

I gotta say I really love my followers. I like coming online and seeing something in the comment box. It's like unwrapping presents, and I know no one is ever gonna say anything mean. Sooooo nice to feel that some people actually care about my boring old random thoughts!!

I'm sorry I been commenting! Have been busy preparing for school. I promise I'm gonna read your blogs by this weekend and comment comment comment! You girls brightennnnn up my day so, so so so so much when you comment, so I'm gonna do the same!! :)

And soooooo much has been happening. I don't know why I'm so lazy. I might regret not logging my thoughts and funny things in life. :( AHHHH. Perhaps, I should buck up and start writing everything and anything down. And one day, when I'm an toothless old lady, I can look back and laugh!!

I went to the beach on the second day of the New Year! It's gonna be eons before I visit my used-to-be-second-home again. Till we meet again, I love you!! And you love me even though I don't wear makeup when I visit you!

It's been what.. 5 years since I laid my hands on textbooks! I pretty much only used my laptop for studies from 2006 to 2009! Kinda exciting teeeheee I'm a nerd!!


Furree Katt said…
hiii i missseeeddd youuuu.
i love your beach picture, the scenery is awesome and you look very cute. :D
it's always great to blog, we'll all laugh at our past shenanigans together!
and 5 years without textbooks, really? it's hard for me to imagine studying from a laptop O.O
HELLOOOOO FURREE! I'll try to blog more often! It's just that nothing really interesting ever happens to me!

Well... I spent 3 years studying with just a laptop, and 80% of the time we were playing pet society and minesweeper on msn nd having mass chats, talking about what we were gonan do after class =X

I still got to learn new sstuff though!

And thank you :)
yes just like how we laugh at our 13 year old selves!!
ishashime.ΓΌ said…
glad to see you're back. haha.

lucky you, since you got to go to the beach. it's been a while since i've been to a beach and i completely miss it. summer is getting me all excited, though since this means i can finally get some beach action! xD
smilelikewoe said…
Heyy :) I followed you here through one of your followers, and I like what I see so I'm following too!
Oh and us big nosed girls should unite! xD
ishashime.u : hello! :)I hope you got to go to the beach! Don't know why you're so excited about summer, it's summer year allll year round, makes me want to move to antartica!!

smilelikewoe: awwww thank you!! I never expected anyone else but my school friends to read my blog! I;m flattered! And pleaseeee I've seen your nose and It's perfect!!!! :D

Thank you veyr much, kendra! :D

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