First Day Of School

Hello! I'm here after a nice bath! School ended at 9.45pm today, YAY.

What happened in school today.

1) I made a new friend
2) Got lost trying to find my classroom, but so did some other people, so we all got Lost and Found together!
3) One of my new classmates is my ex-classmate!

It really doesn't matter who I meet though. We get different classmates for every module, and there're so many students enrolled, there's hardly any chance that anyone would be in the same class more than once.
And surprise surprise... we had to do group discussions! I only heard from another girl from our little Lost And Found Club that he lecturer didn't plan any group discussions! Wasn't graded though, WHEWWWW. Farlin says every lecturer plans his/her classes differently, sooooo... UNFORTUNATELY, I got a lecturer who believes in project work.
Please please please please don't let us be graded on Project Work too much! It's the Bane of My Existence!

Farlin is soooo nice. She texted me to ask me how I was doing in school. Quite a feat for her, since you know... her memory... is...... HAHA.

Dear Diary.
I am feeling the pressure. The word count for assignments come in thousands, and there're SO MANY of them! I don't regret taking the maximum amount of credits though. Because I'll get to graduate sooner.

Core subjects are dumb. I don't see how I can apply socialogy and some Moral module to my daily life/future job. Can't wait to select electives!! :)

Miss Jumbly Blabberly Random Babble


Kamila said…
I still think your first day goes well.. don't worry you'll do fine... well that happens a lot ey..? being lost in other class.. that happened to me in first year college.. got lost and got lost with someone.. and we became best friends because of that incident.. hahaha..
Hi Kamila,

Yes, my first day here's a lot better than my previous First Day! I used to be uber-timid!!

I bet you feel lucky you got lost that day!! :D

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