Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1-Caramel With Pohling

I don't usually blog about what I do and where I go, but these cakes are too pretty to leave out :P

TEAramisu (Spelling looks wrong somehow, but yes, it's TEA) and Secret Garden

Like my sugar so sweet so sweet, like my candy so sweet so sweet. I prefer brown sugar for some reason. Can't make out the difference though, so... reason unknown :)

Poh Ling and I!! My friend of 6 years! I think we almost didn't get to be friends! Until Alvina asked  to switch places with me so I ended up seating beside Poh Ling! And she became my walking mathematician and I, her walking dictionary!!

Our MESS. Haha. BTW look at the teapot! The tea is like awesomefantasticamazingmindblowingly-fabulous!

And... Poh Ling gave me my birthday present but I can't find the photo right now so I gotta get it from my memory card tomorrow!
And she bought shoes that day, was having problems deciding which one to buy, but the salesgirl was soooo cute and friendly, so noproblemo!
And.. I realised I need to get a half-tube shirt, because 2 layers of somewhat tight clothing is sooo... unflattering on me!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Kitchen was flooded this Boxing Day!

Oh relax. I live on the 4th floor!
Daddy forgot to attach the tube to the washing machine, so the water didn't drain into the bathroom!
We only had 3 mops, and yours truly is the youngest at home so...
It was a funny sight to see my parents and sister trying to clear the mess!
It's fortunate that no one slipped, though. This happened at night, and we don't switch the lights on when we take stuff from the kitchen sometimes!

Had a good rest today. Boxing Day. :D
Still waiting for SOMEONE to send me the photos from yesterday!

Here's a pic which tells you HOW SHU SPENT HER BOXING DAY

-Mentalist Season 2, Courtesy of Mummy and Daddy
- Tea
-Christmas Honey-Glazed Ham and Cranberry Sauced ( I toasted it with oodles and oodles of butter! There was soooo much oil, the combination, together with the glaze, was like SAUCE!

Today marks the major Tsunami which took tens of thousands of lives a few years ago..Singapore was one of the only countries in Asia which didn't get affected. Gets me thinking.

Buffet tomorrow. I am going to be FAT. :D
But like everyone knows, my diet never starts.

Friday, December 24, 2010

First day of Christmas Holiday

Santa can you hear me, I have been so good this year!

I'll do this in the morning. Meanwhile, I'm trying my hand at editing photos. Since I canwould/ never, never, dye my hair!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am sleeeepyyyyy & a post about Amanda's belated Birthdayy

I fell asleep at 10.30pm! And then I dragged myself up again, because well.. who sleeps that early?
Mummy watched the same episode of Mentalist TWICE. Poor, poor daddy. I bet she asked MANY questions.

Took some neoprints yesterday. Mandy Minnie Mouse pleaseeeeee scan the huge one okay! Because you've got the one with the hat!

I've been targeting neoprint machine with the Colour Hair funtion lately. Daren't change too much though, I don't want to RUIN the photos since we're all sharing! There're more extreme colours, but this auburn-ish one I've chosen is as far as I go. What a REFRESHINGGG change! Well I think it'll look good if everyone is used to it! Oh maybe I should dye my hair like this and meet new people and see the response!! teeeheeeee.

Okay Midnight. I was gonna write about Amanda's belated, but maybe later! I'm just gonna set my new academic email up and hello, bedtime! It's funny.. I'm always reluctant to go to sleep at night. And in the morning, my bed is oh-so-posessive.

Presenting... *Drumroll*  the photos!

Yvonne and I posing with the scrapbook. 95% Yvo's workl She's the beautiful and mysterious artist, you see!

 Hello Yvonne-Lucy, Your clothes and hair and bag look JUST like what Lucy wore in Chronicles of Narnia: the Dawn Treader!

Memories... with old photos censored! Look how we've grown! Lovessssss

Neoprint Designing... in process!

The very HOT Birthday Girl!

We 'Graffitied' The table in the Graffiti Cafe!

 Yours truly left her mark here :)

I don't know why SOME PEOPLE roll their eyes when I show them the shirt. Lovely, no? TEEHEEEEEE. Admit you're all JEALOUSSS you don't own an awesome, aptly designed-and-owned shirt like this! :P

The rich girl and her polariod! HELLO KITTY FRAMES, NO LESS!

Monday, December 20, 2010

RIP to my very Chio Bag

It might be too early to tell, but I really do think my very favorite bag might just be on the verge of death.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hair Straightening

Hello World. I straigtned my hair! It'll take a month or so to look more natural, but at least it's easier to manage now. I won't be tempted to tear my hair out, and my friends won't have to listen to me complain on and on and on and onnnnnn anymore!!!
Money really makes the world go round. The things it's changed. Too much, actually. And I'm thankful :) (though a little more wouldn't hurt)
And money is the reason why I'm not the Hunchback of Notre Dam.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, I edit my photos

29 June 2014 update: Looking at these pics now, these are overedited and kinda stupid. Oh well we all did silly things during our youth. I won't be taking this post down - it's something to remember.  

I actually wrote this post long ago, but seeing that this post's got so many hits but it was just rubbish, I'm now trying to make it nicer kay :)
Do come back once in a while to check! I'll be post ALL my before and after photos! - 20 Feb 2012.


Fat Face. haha


The colour pink and telepathy

My friend Mandy dyed her hair. I just had to extract a littleeeee part of our conversation!

show me
your hair

Super mandy ت says:
I no photo lehhhhh
anw i have been painting my room
tired man
i did everything myself):

I was about to type a reply, but she had faster fingers (just by a split second, though, our replies came simulteneously)

Super mandy ت says:but no iTS NOT PINK
Shu says:

Shu says:

Super mandy ت says:
now don wanna reply me

Shu says:
i forgot
i wanted to take down this conversation
about the PINK

and telepathy
for my memoriessssssssssssss with my very hot friend

Super mandy ت says:
And yes, I always do accuse people of copying me when they type in caps. Because I always do, and I DISALLOW my friends to do that hahahahahhaa. It's so funny when they type in CAPS though! I can't explain! Only those who talk to me often will get the joke!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life is unfair when there are pretentious people

Don't you think... pretentious people reap the most benefits?
It really makes me wonder why parents, grandparents, teachers stress on values and principles so much. I haven't been getting anything out of NOT being pretentious, unlike some people.

I hate people who would do anything to get out of things they don't like to do, and succeed. Those people, they don't give two hoots about the well-being of others.

When I hear this song.. I think... STORY OF MY LIFE.

Simple Plan - Shut Up

Let me complain about another stupid, insignificant thing.
I won't be watching Harry Potter and Narnia this time. I simply don't have the time. Can't watch them at night, because these are looooooong movies and it's a pain having to rush to the cinema after work. I don't watch movies on weekends because I they're too expensive to watch then, and I usually don't get the good seats if the movies are popular.
I made arrangements with sis to watch em.. we were sooooo excited. But after a recent turn of events........ SIGHHHHHHHHH.