Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I've decided to continue blogging. Not for others to read, but for myself.

This week:
1) I thought I lost something important but I found it in the end
2) I realse there is really no good choice, you just gotta work at MAKING it the right choice
3) Took my dad's keys home by accident AGAIN
4) Left my phone in the office ( and I will talk about my PAIN_
5) My Scabs have formed!
6) Got a stye (or whatever you call that) my my eye
7) I think I met someone who was supposed to be on a blind date at the movies today. I was talking to he duty manager but I was observing him but then I lost track of him and I'll tell you why!
I mean, when someone comes up to you when you were alone and lookin like you were waiting for someone with a tentative expression and he says "Hi are you watching a movie here", and you said 'Oh no, I'm not", very with a polite smile and then he runs off like a startled hare.... you would think he was meeting his online matchmaking/blind date friend, wouldn't you! And I curled my hair for fun today hahahaha so maybe he thought I did that just for teh occasion. OK I'm blabbering BUt will save this for the next post.

Ok I'll be deleting this post after I write some others. this is just a preview so that you ( those who're still faithfully reading) know that I'm not abandoning this space! :)

A few recent photos:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Post

I should really blog about this soon.
Because I have some of the most awesome friends in the world and I would like everyone to know!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My friends and family are very nice, just like me!
Thank you sooooo much for the wishes and celebrations!
I might be too cheapskate auntie to organise a bdae bash but you guys are all awesome!
I feel really touched when people I haven't talked to for like a million years made the effort to click on me and wish me a happy birthday! So so soo sooo niceeeeeeee of them to bother with lil'ol me!!!

I will post photos next week!!

I'm OLD. You should call me Auntie Shushu!!! :)

And my collegues sprung a surprise on me yesterday! so so so so so sweet!! I did not expect it at all!
I met up with Judith and we took awesome neoprints! I want big eyes and brown hair!!!
I am meeting my darlings on Friday and Saturday! Everyone (except me) is so pretty!

I don't sound like myself in this post but I am typing as fast as I can because I have no time because I need to pack my stuff toodlesssssss

I will not post photos of anyone but myself on this blog because there are a few strangers who don't like me because of my incredibly awesome life!  They should buy sugar for their sour grapes! Stalk my friends, and you're a goner! My life is so awesome, sometimes I don't want to die because I think life is too short!!

I will personalise thank you notes teeheehee

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Letter to Anti-Pink souls

Hello People! It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Which also means... the colour of the month is PINK! Now, to those serial eye-rollers who always tell me I. DON'T. CARE. when I try to educate about the 101 lovely facts of pink, this is the time to pay attention, because you're all nice people! And you know who you are!!!!!!

Dear Anti-Pink People,

I happen to know there are quite a few of you out there. Unfortunately, in my circle of friends. And now, I'm here in to attempt to convert you.

Pink is lovely, pink is sweet. Pink is the epitome of awesome. Pink is the classic colour for Disney Princesses. Our national colours are red and white. Add red to white and what do you get? Pink is an awesome singer. She is feisty, strong, gung-ho. Which also says that pink is VERSATILE. Pink is the colour of my radio. My bedsheets. My waterbottle. My mouse. My hairclip. The drawstring bag in front of me now. The walls of my room. My blusher. My Fat Busters. almost everything I have.
I don't know why I'm writing this. I just want to show the photo off hahahaha so cute hor!!!!!!!

Some people don't go for mammograms. Not because they don't have money. But because they're afraid of the results.  I don't really want to go on typing anymore, but please visualize it yourself?
Please always remember, early detection can save your life. No amount of  What Ifs and Should Haves can ever bring someone back. Your life doesn't only concern you. Everyone else is affected. Damn. It's like the butterfly effect. Give all you loved ones a peace of mind, sign up for a Mammogram, like NOWWWWWWW.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Itchy head. Might be psychological, might be allergies

Using new hair serum.
The more I think about it, the itchier it seems. Feels fine if I don't think about it though.
I am visualizing myself haven a red scalp and bald head already.
I will not over-indulge on hair serum in the future
I shall write that 200 times, like when I was 7 and my teacher punished me for talking too much in class.
One thing about working in the Central Business District, a wash costs $20.
And the reason I was grousing because I thought I had to pay $5, because that's the amount I'd pay if I were to get a wash in my neighbourhood.
I was in a gigantic dilemma because of $5, And now they tell me a wash costs $20. How awesome.

And the conclusion?
I got a wash at $14......for nothing.
My new challenge is to spend less than $2 on lunch for 10 days.
I know I'm luckier than many people, but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd like to buy something without thinking, and then feeling guilty about my purchase if I did happen to buy it.
So nice to have nice stuff :)
But right now, right now,  I'm saving cent by cent... If I can save 40Cents buy walking a bit instead of taking the bus, I would. If I can save a dollar by getting lunch from another stall, I would. Doesn't seem like much now, but you'd be surprised by how 'a little' adds up to a lot if you keep it up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(Warped) Traits of Materialism, According to a disgruntled loser

"All Singaporean Girls are all Materialistic no wonder we have to look for Foreign Talent'.
Spoken like a true desperate loser.
Sometimes I love receiving hate mail. Only if they are constructive though. But the above comment is more unsightly than your armpit hair. Which reminds me of the sour grapes in the freezer my sister and I are refusing to touch.  I hope daddy's gonna gobble them up like soon.

After talking to a certain someone, I have gathered that the certain someone thinks the traits of Materialism are as follows:
And I cannot bring myself to Google 'Singaporean Girls' + 'Materialistic" because I might do burst a major artery. I don't even know where these half-wits come from, because 99.9% of my friends aren't the slightest bit like that. 
 Lets call Certain Someone "L".

Charateristics of Materialistic People, as L sees it.
  • More successful than L
  • Have better earning/spending power than L
  • People who possess/ strive for a better Quality of Life than L
  • Having friends with people of a certain race (yes some people still don’t know what Racial Harmony is, and no I have no idea where the connection lies, inferiority complex on L’s side, I reckon.)
  • On a higher up on the corporate ladder as compared to L
  • More driven as compared to L
  • More Popular than L
  • Makes the effort to look presentable
  • Keeps up to the pace of the 21th century thus have more needs so as to get ahead in life
  • Able to identify a good-for-nothing loafer
  • Speaks proper English
  • People with goals and aspirations
  • Work harder and reap better results than L
  • Smarter than L
  • Always has a witty and valid comeback line for every piece of bullshit L utters.
  • Appreciates the nice stuff in life, like every denial-free human does.
  • Believes in self-improvement (Education, Skills...)
  • Females who are unable to tolerate slackers

In short, L is saying is that materialistic people = people who are doing better than them.
Obviously people like L don't possess the basic intelligence to type ‘dictionary’ on Google.
(I see daddy opening the freezer door. I hope he's clearing those sour grapes)
I never knew Materialism = An excuse for losers when they feel jealous due to own incompetence.

Guess I do now!

Come on. Call me Materialistic cause that feels awesome. Awww don't wanna? Let me show you a FEW photos I've taken, okay?

Lotter ticket because I want to be rich

Because I like money.

I know the importance of money

I have too many of them

Dear L,
your eyes are turing green. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate your recognition of my potential. I know I'm awesome. :)
You can call me a materialistic bitch, anytime, any day, and I shall bask in the glory of your lovelyyy compliment :)
And really. My previous posts on the money issues were in jest. Guess some people need to work on communication issues. Or language skills. Or maybe they should just stop buying cheap grapes. 

The Materialistic Bitch :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ever been afraid to read texts on your own phone?

I've never really loathed the beep of my phone with such vengence. I usually adore them wih every fibre of my being.
But lately, sometimes, I get a feeling of fearful apprehension, and the dread makes my heart sink. Into the bottomless pool of shit oh-oh-oh-la-la-la-la.

Was peacefully watching the last episode of Dexter in the living room and my phone (in my bedroom) beeped . Under normal circumstances I would have sprang up to get the latest gossip first-hand. Then I remembered  a certain type of people who have the propensity to text/call me at the worst moments. And make me feel this small.

I was so much at the edge of my seat I was almost falling off the sofa and i refused to get up despite my bladder begging to be relieved and someone was going to die a ghastly and someone else was supposed to save her and I didn't know if he was gonna be in time or maybe go over to the dark side plus the sound effects were so adrenaline-pumping and.......
Ok enough. I was in a rather painfulllll dilemma. Because due to past experience...

If I check my phone midway through the episode:
  1. It would disrupt the most exciting part of the last episode.
  2. And I get a !%$#-ly condescending comment/demand/interrogation put-shu-down session preview (which i would later, after having a ruined weekend, find out was UNDESERVED due to a never-new screw-up on her part), it would ALSO spoil the show, because I'll be panicking/emo-ing about it throughout it all. And most of the time the other party is just maginifying the entire picture just to get a kick out of seeing me lose my cool. I think he/she might be a kind of monster who does not feed of food, but panic/grief/uncertainity/everything bad.

If I wait till the episode ends:
  1. I'll keep obsessing over that unread text, and the many different possible PLEASANT surprises which lie in wait for me on a lovely Sunday evening, which would in turn spoil the CLIMATIC ending of the last episode too. I'll start visualise what some bitch has in store for me, and how she plans to ruin what's left of my precious weekend. Which would disrupt my concentration.
What's a girl to do when there's no such thing as 'the lesser of two evils'?
I chose the first option.  I picked up my phone with a pounding heart. Okay more like a heavy heard of IMMENSE DREAD. I can't believe I'm such a coward. THANK GOODNESS It was just an advert. So much for my panic.

But you know what? My little mental debate made me panic and disrupt the VERY IMPORTANT conclusion to the show nevertheless. Screw you, condesending I-Love-To-Make-You-Squirm-Like-A-Barelyalive-Worm...people.
Some people get kicks out of intimidating unconfrontational sweetie pies like me ;)

Don't get the impression that I'm angry all the time. It's called SASSY, people. I don't go around hitting people, do I? I'm nice to my friends and everyone who deserves it, am I not?

And I'll reply to comments and tags (If I've received any) next week!!! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

$$$$$ woes

I had a tough time deciding if I should have something to eat yesterday night.
Gigantic Dilemma, I tell you. Because it was something extra. I mean like... not one of the 3 regular meals.
So it was 9pm. And I couldn't decide if I wanted Ya Kun Kaya Toast ($1.80) or Shilin Fried Chicken ($3-something). Yes you should know I'm indecisive most of the time.
Either that or I would save the money and not buy anything at all, and at the same time, get this diet thing started.
I bought the cheaper one in the end.
Damn Guilty.
Now I feel fat AND poor. 
How now, brown cow?
AND YTYX you better send me the photos from your phone!!!

You know what?  I probably shouldn't get an iPhone.
Because you see,
1 month data plan = $10
1 year = $120.

If I terminate at say... 65 years old, that would be:

44 x 120 = $5280

Ok so I'll get a discount on the phone if i get the data plan.
But you see, I gotta buy the apps and the accessories, so it adds up to about the same!

It's not a small figure, and would make a biggg difference to my retirement fund.
I would be a very good wife hahahahahhahahah. Too bad I ain't ever getting married.
AHHHHHHH maybe I'll be an overnight billionaire. You never really know what life has in store for you, right?

And to Little Miss All Unmarried People Are Losers And People With No Spouses Are Like The Living Dead.... Newsflash. I had a look at your  FB profile. I really to think I have much more active social life than you. MArried life doesn't really do well for fatigue lines, does it?

And I got a few blog hits form people who googled 'Elvin Ng" on Google Blog Search.
SO I am going to type his name in this post.
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng

HELLO PEOPLE. I do love his big round innocent eyes, and Sunshine Boy-Next-Door Persona too though  I hardly watch Asian Shows ( Except to curse and swear at Korean Dramas)

TGIF people! I am going for a haircut tomorrow! Feeling pretty ambivalent about it so... argh.

Anyway lunchtime is over and i gtg!