Yes, I edit my photos

29 June 2014 update: Looking at these pics now, these are overedited and kinda stupid. Oh well we all did silly things during our youth. I won't be taking this post down - it's something to remember.  

I actually wrote this post long ago, but seeing that this post's got so many hits but it was just rubbish, I'm now trying to make it nicer kay :)
Do come back once in a while to check! I'll be post ALL my before and after photos! - 20 Feb 2012.


Fat Face. haha



kendra30752 said…
Wow there is a huge diff in the brightness in these 2! I may just have to mess with my pics to figure it out, I get a lot of dark contrast. Well, the pics are adorable though! The ice cream looks great too! lol :)

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