My Kitchen was flooded this Boxing Day!

Oh relax. I live on the 4th floor!
Daddy forgot to attach the tube to the washing machine, so the water didn't drain into the bathroom!
We only had 3 mops, and yours truly is the youngest at home so...
It was a funny sight to see my parents and sister trying to clear the mess!
It's fortunate that no one slipped, though. This happened at night, and we don't switch the lights on when we take stuff from the kitchen sometimes!

Had a good rest today. Boxing Day. :D
Still waiting for SOMEONE to send me the photos from yesterday!

Here's a pic which tells you HOW SHU SPENT HER BOXING DAY

-Mentalist Season 2, Courtesy of Mummy and Daddy
- Tea
-Christmas Honey-Glazed Ham and Cranberry Sauced ( I toasted it with oodles and oodles of butter! There was soooo much oil, the combination, together with the glaze, was like SAUCE!

Today marks the major Tsunami which took tens of thousands of lives a few years ago..Singapore was one of the only countries in Asia which didn't get affected. Gets me thinking.

Buffet tomorrow. I am going to be FAT. :D
But like everyone knows, my diet never starts.


Smokey_Cat said…
Hey looks like you had fun! :)
Kamila said…
hi therrree! Visiting from Furree Katt!... though... I don't have the time in the world to really read your blog for today.. but don't worry I'll be back soon! x) followed!
Smokey Cat: yes I did! Quiet days at home are <3

Purple Mist: Thank you! I'm gonna follow and read your blog tomorrow! :)

Kamila: Oh no worries, my blog is full of senseless ramblings anyway! I followed your blog! Willl read it regularly! :)

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