Life is unfair when there are pretentious people

Don't you think... pretentious people reap the most benefits?
It really makes me wonder why parents, grandparents, teachers stress on values and principles so much. I haven't been getting anything out of NOT being pretentious, unlike some people.

I hate people who would do anything to get out of things they don't like to do, and succeed. Those people, they don't give two hoots about the well-being of others.

When I hear this song.. I think... STORY OF MY LIFE.

Simple Plan - Shut Up

Let me complain about another stupid, insignificant thing.
I won't be watching Harry Potter and Narnia this time. I simply don't have the time. Can't watch them at night, because these are looooooong movies and it's a pain having to rush to the cinema after work. I don't watch movies on weekends because I they're too expensive to watch then, and I usually don't get the good seats if the movies are popular.
I made arrangements with sis to watch em.. we were sooooo excited. But after a recent turn of events........ SIGHHHHHHHHH.


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