Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am sleeeepyyyyy & a post about Amanda's belated Birthdayy

I fell asleep at 10.30pm! And then I dragged myself up again, because well.. who sleeps that early?
Mummy watched the same episode of Mentalist TWICE. Poor, poor daddy. I bet she asked MANY questions.

Took some neoprints yesterday. Mandy Minnie Mouse pleaseeeeee scan the huge one okay! Because you've got the one with the hat!

I've been targeting neoprint machine with the Colour Hair funtion lately. Daren't change too much though, I don't want to RUIN the photos since we're all sharing! There're more extreme colours, but this auburn-ish one I've chosen is as far as I go. What a REFRESHINGGG change! Well I think it'll look good if everyone is used to it! Oh maybe I should dye my hair like this and meet new people and see the response!! teeeheeeee.

Okay Midnight. I was gonna write about Amanda's belated, but maybe later! I'm just gonna set my new academic email up and hello, bedtime! It's funny.. I'm always reluctant to go to sleep at night. And in the morning, my bed is oh-so-posessive.

Presenting... *Drumroll*  the photos!

Yvonne and I posing with the scrapbook. 95% Yvo's workl She's the beautiful and mysterious artist, you see!

 Hello Yvonne-Lucy, Your clothes and hair and bag look JUST like what Lucy wore in Chronicles of Narnia: the Dawn Treader!

Memories... with old photos censored! Look how we've grown! Lovessssss

Neoprint Designing... in process!

The very HOT Birthday Girl!

We 'Graffitied' The table in the Graffiti Cafe!

 Yours truly left her mark here :)

I don't know why SOME PEOPLE roll their eyes when I show them the shirt. Lovely, no? TEEHEEEEEE. Admit you're all JEALOUSSS you don't own an awesome, aptly designed-and-owned shirt like this! :P

The rich girl and her polariod! HELLO KITTY FRAMES, NO LESS!

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