1-Caramel With Pohling

I don't usually blog about what I do and where I go, but these cakes are too pretty to leave out :P

TEAramisu (Spelling looks wrong somehow, but yes, it's TEA) and Secret Garden

Like my sugar so sweet so sweet, like my candy so sweet so sweet. I prefer brown sugar for some reason. Can't make out the difference though, so... reason unknown :)

Poh Ling and I!! My friend of 6 years! I think we almost didn't get to be friends! Until Alvina asked  to switch places with me so I ended up seating beside Poh Ling! And she became my walking mathematician and I, her walking dictionary!!

Our MESS. Haha. BTW look at the teapot! The tea is like awesomefantasticamazingmindblowingly-fabulous!

And... Poh Ling gave me my birthday present but I can't find the photo right now so I gotta get it from my memory card tomorrow!
And she bought shoes that day, was having problems deciding which one to buy, but the salesgirl was soooo cute and friendly, so noproblemo!
And.. I realised I need to get a half-tube shirt, because 2 layers of somewhat tight clothing is sooo... unflattering on me!


Kamila said…
Cakes looks delicious.. let me taste.. heheeh and you look beautiful x)

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