The Vilest Piece Of Shit That Has Ever Appeared On The Face Of The Earth

I call that breed of shit The Bitch. 

The Bitch thinks she's God's gift to mankind. She's arrogant, self-centered, and she loves to put people down. She's obsessed with status, whether she possesses it or not. She is obnoxiously condescending, and she thinks everyone likes her, when in fact, everyone hates her at the first look. There's just something about the faces of bitchy people, don't you think? It's like they've been branded on their foreheads or something.

The Bitch is actually, tragically insecure, that's why she has to put everyone down. It's a pathetic way to make herself feel better, but hey.. whatever floats her boat. She'll take every chance to bitch about something insignificant to anyone who would (pretend to) listen. Like erm... sexual orientation, appearances, personal preferences, clothes, hair... oh you know, everything really, as long as it's shallow. No one, not even models are pretty enough. She'll have something cutting to say about them, picking on every tiny (most times insignificant flaw), making the COVER GIRL seem like the uglist creature on Earth. She thinks she's perfect, but we genuine people know the truth.
To people like that, I ALWAYS fight the urge to say, " why don't you try going for a casting/shoot, and see if you can get on the cover?"

Many Bitches are just small fries, but they'll do anything to make people think they're VIPs. They tend to be the ones to suck up to famous people, act like they're BFFs, and for what, I seriously don't know. Because, apparently, this certain bitch I know, she's kind of too insignificant to remember. Maybe becase She Tries Too Hard.

The Bitch is one of a kind. In a bad way. But she thinks otherwise, and she wants the whole world to know. And she has to make others look bad/small just to feel good. Personally, I think bitches get off from others' discomfort, hurt, and pain. Because EGO is everything to her, she thinks it's the same for everyone.

Actually, The Bitch is just a wannabe.

Fuckiest Regards,




kendra30752 said…
Hay, I had to comment on this post too! I definetly know what you mean here! I absolutely can not stand women who act like that. Actually I have one of those I've been dealing with in my life lately. Very much annoying! :)

Another great post!
Hello Kendra! I'm glad you understand! Some peopple piss the !@#$# out of me so much it's OVERWHELMING!
Good luck dealing with them! :)

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