Ugly Photos of me = Time for a hair transplant

I'm starting to look like my worst nightmare (again) these days. Check it out yourself. These were taken 1 year ago.


Photos like these so terrible, I don't keep many. Had to stalk my friends' Facebook accounts to get these.  Imagine my horror when I look into the mirror everyday. :(
I could set a record. For like... The Most Number of Pukes Induced when Presented to a Crowd. Seriously. With a bad-hair Life (phrase stolen from Smokey_Cat), I have
1) Fatter Face
2) Bigger Nose
3) Plus many other unfathomable indescribable, horrific differences.

And so, to make my hair resemble this just the SLIGHTEST bit again:
Note that I tried to chose photos with the same expressions and angles. Compared the photos with those which are directly above.

Compare this to the above pic.
Same expression, different hair.

    I have to resort to .... This.

Straigtening Tongs. Which takes up wayyyy too much time. And because I didn't buy a super-highend one, my hair is quite unbelivable untamable. Even less than Miley :(
So..... 20 minutes a day, I get this:
Guess I can't complain. Cause I can do little waves at the side to frame my ginormous jaw just a little. Thing is... I'm not this good all the time.

AHHHHH I took some photos today and...... EWWWWWW. Is that hair, or is that a helmet?
I'm (as always) in a dilemma. This time, I cant decide if I want to 'save' my hair or not. I'm contemplating doing up a 'Pros & Cons" table, but it's almost 1am now, so... yeah. Maybe tomorrow!

The Fake-Hair Girl.


Furree Katt said…
i think you were cute before =p so does Jayden! and you are SUPER-GORGEOUS NOWWWWWWWWW ♥
i likessss yourss hairsss. loads.
Smokey_Cat said…
I like your hair too, it's fine. At the most maybe you can use some volume-inducing shampoo.

You think you are having a bad hair phase, I am having a bad hair LIFE

Just ask Furree Katt
Furree Katt said…
haha its true! BUT whenever Smokey_Cat is happy and positive, her hair looks nice by itself! :P don't take too much stress.
Furee Katt, not as gorgeous as you, movie star! :)

Hello Smokey_Cat, nooooooo most of the tiem my hair is a hairball of frizz. The humid weather doesn't help either!! :(
AND I LIKE how you say "Bad hair Life'!!!
TOFU said…
hello! shuurriinn.. remember who is jiayun? It's MOI! :D
Saw your blog post on FB news feed and clicked on it out of curiosity! LOL!
OMG JIAYUN. Of course I remember you!! Your life seems so exciting! HELLOOOOO :)
TOFU said…
HAHA no lah it's not exciting at all.
same old boring stuff.:)
Smokey_Cat said…
hahah aww thanks for liking and adopting my phrase Shurin! ;)

yes and Furry Kat is right, I think my hair needs some positivity!
Jiayun your life is not boring to me at all! Not that I really know what's going on, but you look sooooo happy in all your photos!!! :)

Smokey Cat, no problem! Thanks for giving me the idea! :)
Hi there! I myself have quite frizzy hair, however rather than straightening it every day (which would damge my hair in 0 time) I use the L'OREAL Hot Straight (Cream) from the STUDIO LINE. I dunno what the weather in your area is like (and I am sure that the efficiency of this product does quite depends on it)yet I would suggest you to try it out. Maybe you'll no longer need your straightener or at least not on a daily basis. Good luck! :)

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