Once Upon A Bra

My New Purchase. Hahahaha.

Sooo.. I have been bra-shopping for the past week.
3 times, to be exact, with different people though.

Day 1
This obsession really came by chance. L and V were intending to get a set for someone else as a gift. I don't know why, but I ended up being the 'star' of the day. Spent around an hour trying hahahaha. AND I learnt new stuff =P

It was a bit uncomfortable when the salesgirl came in to help adjust the straps and stuff, but otherwise it was fun. I never knew I could look so good HAHAHAHA. Maximisers are some confidence boosting stuff. I don't wear tight clothes, and nothing sleeveless either. So I have no idea where this obsession is coming from.

The fitting room was really prettyyyy and spacious. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post photos, you know, it's a FITTING ROOM in a lingerie store after all.. Okay so there's this really princess-like feel to it, and nice dressing table with perfumes.. flowers.. mirror.. cute miniature drawers... a GIGANTIC full length mirror....

AND there was this Buy-3-Get-1-Free offer. The the cheapskate thrifty girl in me was jumping for joy. Like wooooo hooooo we can save like $20 each!

Decided to meet up the next week.

I'm only posting this just to show off my new dress!!

Day 2
I met up with P and C, the even thriftier girls! This shopping trip was actually supposed to be a Accompany-Shushu-when-she-goes-shopping-for-cosmetics, but surprise, surprise, it became another lingerie fitting session. We went to a store catered to the younger crowd first. The salesgirl was surprised when she knew our age hahahaha. She's younger than us but such a dear. I NEVER KNEW I LOOKED 18.

Okay so the point is, sometimes I really hate 18 year old boys. Traffic outside the store was kinda heavy that night, a group of guys were passing as we were browsing, and they went :
"WHOOOOO LA SENZAAA (the store's name).
How immature. And some of them weren't bad looking.

And then we went to another store. Spent a whole 2 hours inside, the poor salesgirl. I have never seen P and C so enthusiatic before. I must admit, I always get my friends to do the stupidest things, but they ALWAYS have fun because... Shushu is so cute and fun and awesome  =D

I'm posting this because LOOK AT THE CAMERA A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS!!!! SAYSAYSAY POLAROID A THOUSAND TIMES!  And the flash on Lydia's phone is making me look like a Vampire. A vampire caught unaware. Stop sneaking shots of me lah Dia. HELLO EDWARD, HELLO STEPHEN, wanna marry me? :)

Day 3
Met up with V, L, and JW, and spent another hour there. ANDDD WEEEEE BOUGHHHTTTT THE STUFF AND I AM ESTATIC. And I don't know why.
I like the switch to change lightings in the fitting room.
There're work lightings, pub lightings, night, romantic... hahahahhahahahahaha HOW ADORABLE.

My Babies and I say Buh-bye!
I have more babies (all gifts, don't worry mum, I don't spend on soft toys)but they were shyyyy. So only Big Piglet and Small Piglet were brave enough to meet the world! :)


kendra30752 said…
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Now, I am going to follow you :)


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