I haven't been online much, or maybe even 2 days straight this long weekend! Quite a feat for me, huh!
Anyway.... here's what's new :

Right after my scabs fell off, I fell again. Rather comical actually. I guess I was just sleeping in the wrong position, and then I woke up in a hurry to check the time. And silly me.. I didn't notice that my right leg was numb so yessss mg leg gave way, and fat ol me ended up sitting on my foot and TAAA DAAAAA I have a slightly swollen fooot and a gigantic bruise!!!

You know how I've been spending like 2 hours a day packing my room? I managed to clear a small space in hmm... around 10 hours, and I was oh-so-proud of my achivement, I invited my sister over for a little celebratory house-warming session. She.... took the packing into her own hands. I don't know if she's secretly Harry Potter or something, but she managed to do some pretty incredible magic. And I thought my 10 hours of work was good, She managed to make my room picture-perfect in 3 hours! It's the neatest I have ever seen my room! Meet my sister, the organised... person!! :)

The more I pack/clear my stuff, the more guilty I feel. I have bought so many things I don't need. And then I throw them away... Some people could have used the money to oh I don't know. Survive? And There I gom throwing them away just like that.

I havbeen eatineg one ice-cream a day. Sometime I top it off with a bag of chips. Say hello to Miss Fatty! :(

I have fallen in love with the British Accent. Not so much of the Harry Potter kinda accent, but the one Lila from Dexter has. Something like that (you gotta click on 'play' first):


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