Choosing modules for the new school term - My New Journey

1st of December marks the starting point of my new journey in life. I'll choosing modules for school next semester woooohoooooo!
I'm gonna have to to take note that:

1) The examination date don't clash
2) Lessons don't fall on the same day.

Some of the modules seem pretty interesting,
Say.. hmmm..
Writing for Print and Emerging Media
Advertising & Promotions Management
Public Relations
Feature Writing
Negotiation and Conflict Management
Writing for TV and Radio
Human Resource Management

Just need get my writing chops back to how they were 3 years ago and I'm good to go! :)
Can't believe I'm actually excited about school. Well I'd better enjoy the excitement while it lasts. I'll probably be regretting this all once the orientation sessions and textbook-purchasing frenzy start. THEN I'll panic.

And when there's groupwork... Projectwork is the absolute bane of my existence! I'm an anti-social creature, you see, ahhahaha. :D Dear Darling Shu will be FML-ing 24/7, and nobody would want to be my friend anymore :(

AND since I'll be working AND studying, I won't have much of a social life. For the first few months at least. It would be exhaustingggg trying to get into the momentum of a full-time office job + a degree at night. But hey, it'll all be worth it, someday.

Right now, I'll concentrate on being stoked about school. I'll do my best!! Higher education, better grades = better career prospects = more moolah coming in = bliss.

Miss Nerd


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