$$$$$ woes

I had a tough time deciding if I should have something to eat yesterday night.
Gigantic Dilemma, I tell you. Because it was something extra. I mean like... not one of the 3 regular meals.
So it was 9pm. And I couldn't decide if I wanted Ya Kun Kaya Toast ($1.80) or Shilin Fried Chicken ($3-something). Yes you should know I'm indecisive most of the time.
Either that or I would save the money and not buy anything at all, and at the same time, get this diet thing started.
I bought the cheaper one in the end.
Damn Guilty.
Now I feel fat AND poor. 
How now, brown cow?
AND YTYX you better send me the photos from your phone!!!

You know what?  I probably shouldn't get an iPhone.
Because you see,
1 month data plan = $10
1 year = $120.

If I terminate at say... 65 years old, that would be:

44 x 120 = $5280

Ok so I'll get a discount on the phone if i get the data plan.
But you see, I gotta buy the apps and the accessories, so it adds up to about the same!

It's not a small figure, and would make a biggg difference to my retirement fund.
I would be a very good wife hahahahahhahahah. Too bad I ain't ever getting married.
AHHHHHHH maybe I'll be an overnight billionaire. You never really know what life has in store for you, right?

And to Little Miss All Unmarried People Are Losers And People With No Spouses Are Like The Living Dead.... Newsflash. I had a look at your  FB profile. I really to think I have much more active social life than you. MArried life doesn't really do well for fatigue lines, does it?

And I got a few blog hits form people who googled 'Elvin Ng" on Google Blog Search.
SO I am going to type his name in this post.
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng

HELLO PEOPLE. I do love his big round innocent eyes, and Sunshine Boy-Next-Door Persona too though  I hardly watch Asian Shows ( Except to curse and swear at Korean Dramas)

TGIF people! I am going for a haircut tomorrow! Feeling pretty ambivalent about it so... argh.

Anyway lunchtime is over and i gtg!


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