Ever been afraid to read texts on your own phone?

I've never really loathed the beep of my phone with such vengence. I usually adore them wih every fibre of my being.
But lately, sometimes, I get a feeling of fearful apprehension, and the dread makes my heart sink. Into the bottomless pool of shit oh-oh-oh-la-la-la-la.

Was peacefully watching the last episode of Dexter in the living room and my phone (in my bedroom) beeped . Under normal circumstances I would have sprang up to get the latest gossip first-hand. Then I remembered  a certain type of people who have the propensity to text/call me at the worst moments. And make me feel this small.

I was so much at the edge of my seat I was almost falling off the sofa and i refused to get up despite my bladder begging to be relieved and someone was going to die a ghastly and someone else was supposed to save her and I didn't know if he was gonna be in time or maybe go over to the dark side plus the sound effects were so adrenaline-pumping and.......
Ok enough. I was in a rather painfulllll dilemma. Because due to past experience...

If I check my phone midway through the episode:
  1. It would disrupt the most exciting part of the last episode.
  2. And I get a !%$#-ly condescending comment/demand/interrogation put-shu-down session preview (which i would later, after having a ruined weekend, find out was UNDESERVED due to a never-new screw-up on her part), it would ALSO spoil the show, because I'll be panicking/emo-ing about it throughout it all. And most of the time the other party is just maginifying the entire picture just to get a kick out of seeing me lose my cool. I think he/she might be a kind of monster who does not feed of food, but panic/grief/uncertainity/everything bad.

If I wait till the episode ends:
  1. I'll keep obsessing over that unread text, and the many different possible PLEASANT surprises which lie in wait for me on a lovely Sunday evening, which would in turn spoil the CLIMATIC ending of the last episode too. I'll start visualise what some bitch has in store for me, and how she plans to ruin what's left of my precious weekend. Which would disrupt my concentration.
What's a girl to do when there's no such thing as 'the lesser of two evils'?
I chose the first option.  I picked up my phone with a pounding heart. Okay more like a heavy heard of IMMENSE DREAD. I can't believe I'm such a coward. THANK GOODNESS It was just an advert. So much for my panic.

But you know what? My little mental debate made me panic and disrupt the VERY IMPORTANT conclusion to the show nevertheless. Screw you, condesending I-Love-To-Make-You-Squirm-Like-A-Barelyalive-Worm...people.
Some people get kicks out of intimidating unconfrontational sweetie pies like me ;)

Don't get the impression that I'm angry all the time. It's called SASSY, people. I don't go around hitting people, do I? I'm nice to my friends and everyone who deserves it, am I not?

And I'll reply to comments and tags (If I've received any) next week!!! :)


Furree Katt said…
aaah! whats the last episode of dexter?
and who's sending you mean messages? and why :O you're such a nice person.
Dexter is a TV serial you shouldn't watch. :)
They use vulgarities like punctuations, I dont think your parents would approve.
Ohhh not really mean, just very.... demanding. Like he/she's a king/queen of the world!

AND AWWWW thank you. You're nicer!!
Furree Katt said…
i thought you were talking about Dexter's Laboratory!
*blonde moment*
Oh the dexter I'm talking about is this forensic dude!

I didn't knowabout Dexter's Laboratory until I googled it just now!
oh don't worry, we all have our blonde moments! :D

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