(Warped) Traits of Materialism, According to a disgruntled loser

"All Singaporean Girls are all Materialistic no wonder we have to look for Foreign Talent'.
Spoken like a true desperate loser.
Sometimes I love receiving hate mail. Only if they are constructive though. But the above comment is more unsightly than your armpit hair. Which reminds me of the sour grapes in the freezer my sister and I are refusing to touch.  I hope daddy's gonna gobble them up like soon.

After talking to a certain someone, I have gathered that the certain someone thinks the traits of Materialism are as follows:
And I cannot bring myself to Google 'Singaporean Girls' + 'Materialistic" because I might do burst a major artery. I don't even know where these half-wits come from, because 99.9% of my friends aren't the slightest bit like that. 
 Lets call Certain Someone "L".

Charateristics of Materialistic People, as L sees it.
  • More successful than L
  • Have better earning/spending power than L
  • People who possess/ strive for a better Quality of Life than L
  • Having friends with people of a certain race (yes some people still don’t know what Racial Harmony is, and no I have no idea where the connection lies, inferiority complex on L’s side, I reckon.)
  • On a higher up on the corporate ladder as compared to L
  • More driven as compared to L
  • More Popular than L
  • Makes the effort to look presentable
  • Keeps up to the pace of the 21th century thus have more needs so as to get ahead in life
  • Able to identify a good-for-nothing loafer
  • Speaks proper English
  • People with goals and aspirations
  • Work harder and reap better results than L
  • Smarter than L
  • Always has a witty and valid comeback line for every piece of bullshit L utters.
  • Appreciates the nice stuff in life, like every denial-free human does.
  • Believes in self-improvement (Education, Skills...)
  • Females who are unable to tolerate slackers

In short, L is saying is that materialistic people = people who are doing better than them.
Obviously people like L don't possess the basic intelligence to type ‘dictionary’ on Google.
(I see daddy opening the freezer door. I hope he's clearing those sour grapes)
I never knew Materialism = An excuse for losers when they feel jealous due to own incompetence.

Guess I do now!

Come on. Call me Materialistic cause that feels awesome. Awww don't wanna? Let me show you a FEW photos I've taken, okay?

Lotter ticket because I want to be rich

Because I like money.

I know the importance of money

I have too many of them

Dear L,
your eyes are turing green. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate your recognition of my potential. I know I'm awesome. :)
You can call me a materialistic bitch, anytime, any day, and I shall bask in the glory of your lovelyyy compliment :)
And really. My previous posts on the money issues were in jest. Guess some people need to work on communication issues. Or language skills. Or maybe they should just stop buying cheap grapes. 

The Materialistic Bitch :)


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