Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I've decided to continue blogging. Not for others to read, but for myself.

This week:
1) I thought I lost something important but I found it in the end
2) I realse there is really no good choice, you just gotta work at MAKING it the right choice
3) Took my dad's keys home by accident AGAIN
4) Left my phone in the office ( and I will talk about my PAIN_
5) My Scabs have formed!
6) Got a stye (or whatever you call that) my my eye
7) I think I met someone who was supposed to be on a blind date at the movies today. I was talking to he duty manager but I was observing him but then I lost track of him and I'll tell you why!
I mean, when someone comes up to you when you were alone and lookin like you were waiting for someone with a tentative expression and he says "Hi are you watching a movie here", and you said 'Oh no, I'm not", very with a polite smile and then he runs off like a startled hare.... you would think he was meeting his online matchmaking/blind date friend, wouldn't you! And I curled my hair for fun today hahahaha so maybe he thought I did that just for teh occasion. OK I'm blabbering BUt will save this for the next post.

Ok I'll be deleting this post after I write some others. this is just a preview so that you ( those who're still faithfully reading) know that I'm not abandoning this space! :)

A few recent photos:


Furree Katt said…
:O your scabs! how did you get them?
Anonymous said…
How did you do the 2nd last pic?? In the toilets!! It's soooo funny :) haha
Jurganos (i'm a greek mythological guy) haha

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