My friends and family are very nice, just like me!
Thank you sooooo much for the wishes and celebrations!
I might be too cheapskate auntie to organise a bdae bash but you guys are all awesome!
I feel really touched when people I haven't talked to for like a million years made the effort to click on me and wish me a happy birthday! So so soo sooo niceeeeeeee of them to bother with lil'ol me!!!

I will post photos next week!!

I'm OLD. You should call me Auntie Shushu!!! :)

And my collegues sprung a surprise on me yesterday! so so so so so sweet!! I did not expect it at all!
I met up with Judith and we took awesome neoprints! I want big eyes and brown hair!!!
I am meeting my darlings on Friday and Saturday! Everyone (except me) is so pretty!

I don't sound like myself in this post but I am typing as fast as I can because I have no time because I need to pack my stuff toodlesssssss

I will not post photos of anyone but myself on this blog because there are a few strangers who don't like me because of my incredibly awesome life!  They should buy sugar for their sour grapes! Stalk my friends, and you're a goner! My life is so awesome, sometimes I don't want to die because I think life is too short!!

I will personalise thank you notes teeheehee


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