Letter to Anti-Pink souls

Hello People! It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Which also means... the colour of the month is PINK! Now, to those serial eye-rollers who always tell me I. DON'T. CARE. when I try to educate about the 101 lovely facts of pink, this is the time to pay attention, because you're all nice people! And you know who you are!!!!!!

Dear Anti-Pink People,

I happen to know there are quite a few of you out there. Unfortunately, in my circle of friends. And now, I'm here in to attempt to convert you.

Pink is lovely, pink is sweet. Pink is the epitome of awesome. Pink is the classic colour for Disney Princesses. Our national colours are red and white. Add red to white and what do you get? Pink is an awesome singer. She is feisty, strong, gung-ho. Which also says that pink is VERSATILE. Pink is the colour of my radio. My bedsheets. My waterbottle. My mouse. My hairclip. The drawstring bag in front of me now. The walls of my room. My blusher. My Fat Busters. almost everything I have.
I don't know why I'm writing this. I just want to show the photo off hahahaha so cute hor!!!!!!!

Some people don't go for mammograms. Not because they don't have money. But because they're afraid of the results.  I don't really want to go on typing anymore, but please visualize it yourself?
Please always remember, early detection can save your life. No amount of  What Ifs and Should Haves can ever bring someone back. Your life doesn't only concern you. Everyone else is affected. Damn. It's like the butterfly effect. Give all you loved ones a peace of mind, sign up for a Mammogram, like NOWWWWWWW.


Alpha Za said…
You certainly have alot of pink stuff.

I like my pink shirts, they make me look hot (particularly with my brown skin tone). Does that count as Breast cancer awareness?
I think anything pink goes :)
Many magazines are featuring pink stuff now, and I think we've had a few Breat Cancer Awareness Campaigns and everyone was supposed to wear pink :)

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