Itchy head. Might be psychological, might be allergies

Using new hair serum.
The more I think about it, the itchier it seems. Feels fine if I don't think about it though.
I am visualizing myself haven a red scalp and bald head already.
I will not over-indulge on hair serum in the future
I shall write that 200 times, like when I was 7 and my teacher punished me for talking too much in class.
One thing about working in the Central Business District, a wash costs $20.
And the reason I was grousing because I thought I had to pay $5, because that's the amount I'd pay if I were to get a wash in my neighbourhood.
I was in a gigantic dilemma because of $5, And now they tell me a wash costs $20. How awesome.

And the conclusion?
I got a wash at $14......for nothing.
My new challenge is to spend less than $2 on lunch for 10 days.
I know I'm luckier than many people, but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd like to buy something without thinking, and then feeling guilty about my purchase if I did happen to buy it.
So nice to have nice stuff :)
But right now, right now,  I'm saving cent by cent... If I can save 40Cents buy walking a bit instead of taking the bus, I would. If I can save a dollar by getting lunch from another stall, I would. Doesn't seem like much now, but you'd be surprised by how 'a little' adds up to a lot if you keep it up.


Smokey_Cat said…
I can so totally empathize with everything that you said in this post
Furree Katt said…
Shu Rin, i just noticed that the link back to your blog in everyone's Shoutmix/tagboard is written as 'blotspot' instead of 'blogspot' so it redirects to somewhere else, not your blog!
@ Smokey_Cat. I'm glad at least someone understands!!! Most people would say I'm complain about some trival matter, I reckon! :)

@Furee Katt : Thank youuu!!!

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