Why I like Makeover Programmes on TV

My face emits an aura of  very blatant E-N-V-Y.  Hahaha :)
I was watching this programme on Channel 8. Average-looking people get made-up all pretty and dashing.  There'll also be a life-sized, photoshopped post-makeover photo of themselves.

I usually MAKE time to watch feel-good shows like that.
I love to see the joy, the elation in their eyes. Happiness is contagious. And then I'll fantasise about being in their shoes. . When the photo is unveiled, some just gaze at the photo, speechless. Some just look wonderingly, unable to take their eyes off the drastic change they never knew could be reality. They are genuinely grateful. Some break down, some laugh, hardly able to believe what they're seeing. Absolutely heartwarming.

I can soooooooooooooo imagine how they feel. Ya lor IMAGINE. No professional to help me, you tell me how leh?

  • It's so nice to be smokin', it's so nice to have people look at you, and go 'wow'.
  • It's so nice to get compliments and know you really deserve them. Even if you are a megabitch who never, never bother to acknowledge their existence , there'll be a certain type of people who are too afraid to piss you off  for fear of getting zero chance of getting into your pants (ugly, but true).
  • It's nice to have people falling all over themselves (oh the grovelling suckers) to get on your good side. And not just online. Real life would be fab.
  • Post your best photo on some freak-o site and you'll know. The feeling of power over people you live to despise...is... so DAMN wonderful you want to revel in stupendous moments like that forever. But I would savour it even more if it happened in real life. Photos are deceiving you see. Not that I photoshop mine. Wish I knew how to, though.

If I had an awesomely edited photo of myself, I would be truly happy and would die without regrets even if I died the next hour.  I know I tend to be theatrical 90% of the time, I'm not being dramatic now. You wouldn't understand, and it's beyond any guesswork anyway.  It's nice to dream about stuff that are... already carved in stone...

But yes. Shit happens. And I'm much better-off than many people in many ways, and I should be thankful for that. Like D tweeted in reply to my very very 激动 tweet ,

 life is never fair. To be happy with life is to be content with what you have, especially if you have what others don't.
I have:
1)The most awesome friends and family anyone could ever ask for.
2) 5 working  human senses
3) The gift of mobility
4) Money to go to any doctor I need
5) A nice house
6) Air conditioning
7) A good camera
8) Nice, hot meals everyday, without fail
9) Having the luxury to do stuff like shopping... going to the beach.. chilling
10) A good education not everyone can afford
11) Eating chocolates and going for buffets once in a while.
12) A sane mine
13) Television. Facebook. Music. School.
13) Come to think of it, when you really ponder over the little luxuries you have in life. there really isn't an end.



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