Saturday, September 18, 2010

This week

What happened this week:

1) I craved for mooncakes but I'm such a cheapskate  thrifty person, I decided not to tax my pocket this year!
2) Went to mooncake fare to stare at mooncakes
3) Couldn't resist, bought some cheaper ones.
4) Someone gave me a pink Hello Kitty Head Cushion
5) Got lost somewhere in the red-light district and I wanted to kick all the cheekopeks groins with much vengence.
6) It's wierd to meet people who knew you back when you weren't much of a somebody.
7) The power of makeup.
8) Hang on to your jaw, My sister told me : "It's time to straignten your hair!"

I'll blog about theseeeeeeeee.
Then I'll read em when I'm old. And feel good about my youth!

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