Okay. I have  15 minutes to do this. Because I am like really sleepy and it's THE DAY.
I used to grow up eating the traditional mooncakes. The baked ones, I mean. Google them.
And then.. then.. then
Oh the delicate skin and fabulous fillings. There are new flavours every year, and people are getting more and more creative ahhhhhh.
Those really lovely ones with awesome packages are to die for. But the prices are... sky high. Only to me, maybe. The cheapskate thrifty one. I'm saving up for early retirement, you see. And I bet some of my friends are tired of my almost-daily grouses about having to stare at mooncakes everyday but not letting myself buy them. Or how I keep the magazine clippings. Fret not. I didn't suffer much. Because a very nice soul gave me mooncakes!! Ice Cream Mooncakes, no less!

Say Hello to my Luscious Delights!




They even come in a box and eco-friendly bag! Pretty?

Okay so the same person gave me the traditional ones too. SOOOOO NICE.

Comes in a cute box

I don't really get why people like the yolk thing. I took it out and made mummy eat it. Love the lotus filling it. Still my favourite, deep in the innermost depths of my heart, that's why I seldom declare my love for it..  :P

And I mentioned that I was gonna go to the Mooncake Fair to STARE at Mooncakes, right? Wanna know what happened? READ ON.

Ohmanohman that place was CROWDED. The business people must be laughing all the way to the bank now. Us Singaporeans are rather lucky, aren't we? People in impoverished countries are worried about food for survival and we're worried about cute little gimmicks.

And  people complain about the economy being bad. Like Rock Bottom bad. HELLO?

After a few violent tussles with my wallet, willpower AND my now-not-so-guilty-because-I feel happy-conscience, I bought some cheaper mooncaks. They're not the ever-so-famous durian flavours, or my PINK CUTE STRAWBERRY FLAVOURS but red wine and green tea are awesome too. Oh well. The occasional indulgence wouldn't hurt. Tomorrow will mark the end of my agony because I will probably not see these luscious little goodies and pine away for them like a lovesick pig anymore.

LOOKEY LOOKEYYYY. I know, I know, it's not in one of those chi-chi packaging. But hey. What would I have done with another box anyway?

I cannot resist showing you Luscious Pink again. Sorry! It's kind of a bad habit I have zero intention of kicking. :P

HAPPY MID AUTUMN, THE 4 people who read my blog. I can't see the moon tonight, but I hope you can. And please exercise more.

My Magical Goggles which can bring me to the the place where  dreams come true.


Your friend said…
Pink is poison
ShuShu said…
You mean Pink is the Epitome of cool.
Anonymous said…
Moon cakes :) I want some!! We dont get it here in SA though... What does it taste like? Does it have the texture of cake? :)

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