Mango Snow Ice Cravingggg

I'm supposed to be on a diet. But The Curse of The Relentless Craving Pangs just struck.
So I'll settle for staring at the photos. OMG. Check out the ice shavings, How smooth. Like uberly, unbelivably smooth. AND NO  THE LITTLE STRIPS OF ICE DON'T STICK TOGETHER. So I can count like... one strip, 2 strips, 3 strips of ice....Not like plain old ice kachang. A little milky. Melts in the mouth (duh). Slight mango taste even in the ice. And I;m sorry if this sounds wrong but i like to suck the ice like damn hard because the mango smell is like POWWWW WOWWW EXPLOSION. Cost less than $4. Can be shared between 3 people. And I can take my time to finish it because it doesn't melt easily!!What more can I ask for? Mmmmmm. There are strawberry, chocolate and mango flavours (NO DURIAN, TO MY DISAPPOINTMENT BOOHOOHOO).


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