I look like Ju-On!

If in the 1% probability that I am bound to the curse of *only my close friends know what* I will scare the Monster-in-Law at night looking like this.Cute hor? Which colour is more ghost-like?

AND TAAAA DAAA Norman helped me do this. He say's it was just a quick edit, nothing special, but I think it ROCKS. Thanks dudeeeeeee :)

Sorry, I'm  feeling really crappy today!
My sister offered to buy me an iPhone, she is soooo nice I'm too dumb to use it, I think. It seems very complicated and I don't want to have those problems where you know, the bill comes and i see $$$$$$ because my mum would hit the roof! Basics are good enough for me, really. I'm saving up for early retirement :P
But then again.... The TOY CAMERA application is really cool. So are many others. But... $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Am going Comex tomorrow! GADGETS, GADGETS, GADGETS. All the best gadgets, at awesomely slashed prices. WOOO HOOOOOOO :D

Lotsa Love,
Gadget Girl Shushushushushu :)


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