Friday, September 10, 2010

So fun to talk to virtual losers :)


And I'm cracking up like nobody's business. hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha. But no, you won't understand why, but the feeling is aweeeeesomeeeeeee.

Okay let me go off track a bit.. no. I mean completely.
Sometimes, albeit rarely, I get bored. And when I get bored, I like to talk to interesting people. Only a few, because I don't want to stab myself at the utter patheticness(if there's such a word) of the online community,
These people have such boring lives, they intrigue me so. I'm oh-so-curious. I wish I could post some of the adorable little conversations here but I can't. Because I never want to read them again. And there are some idiots I can't bring myself to talk to because they are so frigging twisted.

Here's one. Not as entertaining as what I can't post so bear with it. You know I get pissed when people ask me that first question so I decided to play along and act stupid too.
Fool: Hi... Can I get to know you
Fool: Hi... Thanks for the add... You Singaporean????
Me: No. *censored country name*
Fool: So what u doing in Spore????
Me: Messing around
Fool: messing with who??? who the lucky guy...
Me: secret
Fool: : so what type of guy you like???? Hmm you staying at where??
Me: I stay Gaylang (sic)

Fool: pardon me..... r u a escort???
Me: i did not say that
Fool: so what are you actually????
Me: what do I look like?
Me: and that is a rude thing to ask.
Fool: I really do not know.... that why I ask???
Me: You know what? I'm done here. I was saying all the in jest, and you didn't get it. No one on this bloody site ever does. I'm allergic to bad Grammar, I'm getting a degree soon, AND I work in an office in the Heart of the City. That sound fab? And no, I'm not from *censored country name*. The first answer was supposed to be an ice-breaker, but I guess that just didn't go right. GEEZ isn't there anyone who's somewhat intelligent on this site?
Fool: sorry..... that why I say padon me before I start..... I apologize
Fool: ohhh sorry if offended you... Sorry... If you mind than ok forget it than

DUH OF COURSE I MIND. I was posing as a 19-year-old, and you are 36 years old, for goodness sake. How can I not mind the shit some poor, gullible girls are getting themselves into?
Oh sure, you are not one of those "hi need quick $$$?" assholes, but still. Look for an adult, please? Don't prey on kids, because that is highly unethical. And fucking hell. it's only basic manners not to assume that girls are from *censored country*. Very offensive. None of my rel-lfe friends would ever commit a mistake like this.

AND FYI. There's this brand new Campaign in Singapore, called the Speak Good English Movement. Learn a trick or two from those post-it notes, dude.

I think I might have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I loathe lousy Grammar with every fibre of my being. Only when they come from people who I 看的不顺眼, though. And don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Singlish. It gives me a sense of belonging, and I use Singlish ALL THE TIME when I'm with friends. But Singlish and Sucky English? They couldn't be more different. Or maybe it's because.... once you despise someone, everything about him/her gets under your skin.  Haha.

BuhBye :)
-The girl who likes to act guai lan to guai lan people.

I am going to Harry's tomorrow I want the Mango Magarita thingy and I hope I remember to ask them not to line salt at the rim of the glass! I have a long weekend and many photos to post so this is a very messy entry but without punctuations but it will be gone this weekend as I will be making everything neater!!!!!!!!!

And i bought some slimming stuff yesterday, will blog about it! I need to lose weight plus lotsssss of other improvements! I am sorry my English doesn't usually suck so but i am so excited and kinda highhhh because life is sooo sooo sooo soo fun just look at this and you'll understand!!!!

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