Monday, September 27, 2010

Mango Snow Ice Cravingggg

I'm supposed to be on a diet. But The Curse of The Relentless Craving Pangs just struck.
So I'll settle for staring at the photos. OMG. Check out the ice shavings, How smooth. Like uberly, unbelivably smooth. AND NO  THE LITTLE STRIPS OF ICE DON'T STICK TOGETHER. So I can count like... one strip, 2 strips, 3 strips of ice....Not like plain old ice kachang. A little milky. Melts in the mouth (duh). Slight mango taste even in the ice. And I;m sorry if this sounds wrong but i like to suck the ice like damn hard because the mango smell is like POWWWW WOWWW EXPLOSION. Cost less than $4. Can be shared between 3 people. And I can take my time to finish it because it doesn't melt easily!!What more can I ask for? Mmmmmm. There are strawberry, chocolate and mango flavours (NO DURIAN, TO MY DISAPPOINTMENT BOOHOOHOO).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My New Pet! :)

Presenting.... *Some Cute Name*
I got this as a gift, no special occasion! So nice, hor? Repeat after me.

Farlin remarked that my pet doesn't have a mouth. She just isn't to receptive to Hello Kitty, Pink, and all cutesy stuff. You have no idea how much you are missing out on!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay. I have  15 minutes to do this. Because I am like really sleepy and it's THE DAY.
I used to grow up eating the traditional mooncakes. The baked ones, I mean. Google them.
And then.. then.. then
Oh the delicate skin and fabulous fillings. There are new flavours every year, and people are getting more and more creative ahhhhhh.
Those really lovely ones with awesome packages are to die for. But the prices are... sky high. Only to me, maybe. The cheapskate thrifty one. I'm saving up for early retirement, you see. And I bet some of my friends are tired of my almost-daily grouses about having to stare at mooncakes everyday but not letting myself buy them. Or how I keep the magazine clippings. Fret not. I didn't suffer much. Because a very nice soul gave me mooncakes!! Ice Cream Mooncakes, no less!

Say Hello to my Luscious Delights!




They even come in a box and eco-friendly bag! Pretty?

Okay so the same person gave me the traditional ones too. SOOOOO NICE.

Comes in a cute box

I don't really get why people like the yolk thing. I took it out and made mummy eat it. Love the lotus filling it. Still my favourite, deep in the innermost depths of my heart, that's why I seldom declare my love for it..  :P

And I mentioned that I was gonna go to the Mooncake Fair to STARE at Mooncakes, right? Wanna know what happened? READ ON.

Ohmanohman that place was CROWDED. The business people must be laughing all the way to the bank now. Us Singaporeans are rather lucky, aren't we? People in impoverished countries are worried about food for survival and we're worried about cute little gimmicks.

And  people complain about the economy being bad. Like Rock Bottom bad. HELLO?

After a few violent tussles with my wallet, willpower AND my now-not-so-guilty-because-I feel happy-conscience, I bought some cheaper mooncaks. They're not the ever-so-famous durian flavours, or my PINK CUTE STRAWBERRY FLAVOURS but red wine and green tea are awesome too. Oh well. The occasional indulgence wouldn't hurt. Tomorrow will mark the end of my agony because I will probably not see these luscious little goodies and pine away for them like a lovesick pig anymore.

LOOKEY LOOKEYYYY. I know, I know, it's not in one of those chi-chi packaging. But hey. What would I have done with another box anyway?

I cannot resist showing you Luscious Pink again. Sorry! It's kind of a bad habit I have zero intention of kicking. :P

HAPPY MID AUTUMN, THE 4 people who read my blog. I can't see the moon tonight, but I hope you can. And please exercise more.

My Magical Goggles which can bring me to the the place where  dreams come true.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

If Money Grew On Trees, I would buy myself a trillion Mooncakes

-Written on 17 September, Friday 12am-

See, No Touch, No Eat.

This is me in my dream world!
Sorry the illustrations ain't too Salvador Dali-ish but I took a whole hour (AND I barely passed Art in school (to do this so pleaseee be nice to ShuShu! :)

If Money grew on trees,
I would be a very happy girl.

If Money grew on trees,
I would buy Peony Jade Mao Shan Wang Mooncake. Because it costs 50 bucks.

If Money grew on trees,
I wouldn't have to go Taka Atrium to STARE at mooncakes.

If Money grew on trees,
I would  do my shopping elsewhere other than just Daiso and Bugis Street.

If Money Grew on trees,
My everyday conversations would not go like this:
"How much does this cost?"
"Oh $3 only!"
"Huh... so expensive ah! Aiyah Nevermind lah.

If Money grew on trees,
I would have an iPhone with the Despical Me and Talking TomCat App.

Then again, I'm by no means poor. I'm better off than many people in the world. I don't know why, sometimes I think I never appreciate what I have. I should really quit acting this way. Why am I griping about money because I like some gimmicky stuff?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This week

What happened this week:

1) I craved for mooncakes but I'm such a cheapskate  thrifty person, I decided not to tax my pocket this year!
2) Went to mooncake fare to stare at mooncakes
3) Couldn't resist, bought some cheaper ones.
4) Someone gave me a pink Hello Kitty Head Cushion
5) Got lost somewhere in the red-light district and I wanted to kick all the cheekopeks groins with much vengence.
6) It's wierd to meet people who knew you back when you weren't much of a somebody.
7) The power of makeup.
8) Hang on to your jaw, My sister told me : "It's time to straignten your hair!"

I'll blog about theseeeeeeeee.
Then I'll read em when I'm old. And feel good about my youth!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm quite the bitch sometimes. There, I said it. Some people are so DESPERATE.

Decided to keep this post after all. But hide it from my main page. You can click on 'read more' if you wanna'. It's only senseless, and VERY GARBLED and disorganised really ranting, really. So.Not.Me.
This doesn't make me a full-time bitch. It only makes me.... human, I guess.

I wish I'm the kind of girl who can step on people and make them wish they never existed. yes. I'm pissed. Pissed at how some people could be such failures in life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You'll see beauty in something when you make an effort to take a closer look

I like this photo. There's just something about it. Indescribable beauty. My mum was like:"WOAHHHHH WHERE DID YOU TAKE THIS? NICE!"
*I did not edit this photo even though it would look muchhh better*

 Look at this... A dried-up, boring patch of not-so-green grass. Nothing much to look at, is it? Overlooked, stepped on without a thought oh-so-frequently... I walk past this everyday, and I've never noticed it. It's just... the same old patch of grass I've seen for the past 20 years. 

You know what? It's the same patch of grass. The long-suffering, taken-for-granted grass. Haha.
One day, I dropped something, and bent down to pick it up. I was surprised by what I saw. Not sure if you can see what do. The furry stuff look purple on good days, btw.

Moral of the story? I have no idea.
I know I'll notice stuff more, and not take them for granted, like I always do. Take a closer look, and you'll see things in a different light.
I'd like to believe that there is some underlying beauty in everyone.
Scratch that. I'm content to say 'most people' instead of everyone.

I am.... going back to Mandopop this week. Goodbye Click 5 and Bruno Mars. Hello 五月天! :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My New Cellulite Buster!

If you're on my Facebook and Twitter (poor you, I send my most sincere apologies and sympathies), you must be used my ever-so-frequent laments about my Fats and Cellulite by now. And in case you're wondering, yes, I JUSTTT had to capitalise them because they have like..the LEAD PARTS where my life is concerned.
Butbutbut... Have no fear, cellulite buster is here!

I'm not the only one who's been looking for fat-blasting miracles. And when I say miracles, I mean Something Which Can Be Achieved Without Having To Exercise. With the added bonus of being able to continue having the gluttonous trait which has been instilled deeply in the depths of my soul since birth. And being the paranoid scardy cat (another trait I am famous for, RIGHTTTTT FARLIN?), I refuseeee to consume/apply any fat-busting stuff.

Then... DENG DENG DENG DENG DENG. Look what caught my eye. I saw this selling at $14 at some departmental store. And then the idea of trying my luck at Daiso struck my mind. Since Daiso is known to stock everything and anything.


Body Fat Roller. All my fat cells  have these not-so-secret mass gatherings in my upper thighs. I'm gonna exterminate you PESTSSSS. KILL KILL KILL.

I'm not placing too much hope on this face thing because what I really require is jaw and cheekbone reduction, so... like ya know.. bones structure, not so much of fatty cells. Still worth trying, don't you think? I'm desperateeeeeee, you see. I'll probably be spending my whole life whining about my fats and gigantic *everything save for the boobs*.

You know what? I'm just trying to be a stupid, clueless dreamerrrr. Of course I know the secret to a good bod = exercise and healthy diet!
Tell me my sister is not rolling her eyes. hahaha

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I hate Mondays!

Oh Yipee Dooo Daaa Daaaa. 2 hours to Monday. My working friends and I have been talking about this. Is this what life is about? Counting down to Friday, cursing and swearing at Monday's very dreaded arrival. I see it on Facebook, I talk about it often enough, I count down to Friday to anyone who would do it, I hear it on the train.

Oh school, school school. School to me, is like... another lifetime. I have vague memories of it, they're getting more and more vaugue as time goes by. It's all I can do to hold on to the memories I have. I'm lucky I used to have a blog. A whole blog about my school life. Most of the girls had blogs too. All of which I am eternally thankful for.

What did we do in school?
1) Gossip
2) MSN
3) Facebook
4) Watch Movies
5) Play badminton
6) Sync computer games (you know.. like Counterstrike and Worms)
7) Eat, Sleep, walk around campus aimlessly and saying hi to at least 1 person every single time we're at it.
8) take photos
9) Countless Toilet Breaks
10) Persuade (it's a much nicer word than force and coerce don't you think) my friends to tell me that shushu is nice, sweet innocent,  kind, shy, friendly.
11) "Catfights" over our newest celebrity darlings.
12) Bubble-Tea Sessions
13) Banter, Banter, Banter

Now let me show you a very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee photo. It is THE photo of my school life!!! Darling April took it like... sometime during the first month of school!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet-Up with Lydia! 9 September 2010 :)

So I've decided to blog a little about my life, instead of just the usual ranting posts.
Just so you know, My Life = Meet Up Sessions.
And I won't blog about everything, of course. Just a few which I'd want to read again, you know... like when I look back on my life. Don't know if i should post photos of my friends...

 It's been forever since our last meet-up. I miss the good ol' Year 1 Sem 1 clique! HELLO Wardha, Haira, Flora, April, are you reading this? *hint hint*

We went to this cafe... then chionged out because we spotted a better one! DAMN SHIOK. I am SO going again. The meal costs $10!! Excluding service charge, of course.

And you know what you know what! I know which gym Sunshine Boy trains at!!! And you know I need some motivation to exercise so... heh heh heh. Now let me tell you something about Sunshine Boy. He is... buff and tanned. Not in the Clubber Kia way. He is the Boy-Next-Door. He has hugeeeee sincere puppy eyes and on TV he looks into the girl's eyes with the promise of pure, everlasting love. Tell me, how's a girl supposed to resist that? NOW DO YOU KNOW WHO HE IS?!?!?!!? I don't know why you guys like to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when I say he's cute. If you are STILL blinking and frowning now... try Looking at the biceps and abs. Though those aren't the focal points. It's the eyes. SOOOOOO CUTE LEH.

Hopefully we'll be meeting the rest on the 24th! Long time no see, miss girls so much, AND I KNOW YOU MISS ME TOO!!!!! Look at my pretties! CHIO RIGHT.



Long weekend WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I loooove long weekends! I love counting down to the weekend!
ShuRin's a bookworm she went to the library this morning!! Had brunch t at McDonald's with sis! Going to the beach in 2 hours!!!!! LOVE MY LIFE.


I am going to learn to use 3 new words for every post I write, starting from today.
You should too. I'll try to choose words we can use in everyday life. Google them if you need to! :)

1) Acquiesced
2) Abject
3) Affable

Friday, September 10, 2010

So fun to talk to virtual losers :)


And I'm cracking up like nobody's business. hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha. But no, you won't understand why, but the feeling is aweeeeesomeeeeeee.

Okay let me go off track a bit.. no. I mean completely.
Sometimes, albeit rarely, I get bored. And when I get bored, I like to talk to interesting people. Only a few, because I don't want to stab myself at the utter patheticness(if there's such a word) of the online community,
These people have such boring lives, they intrigue me so. I'm oh-so-curious. I wish I could post some of the adorable little conversations here but I can't. Because I never want to read them again. And there are some idiots I can't bring myself to talk to because they are so frigging twisted.

Here's one. Not as entertaining as what I can't post so bear with it. You know I get pissed when people ask me that first question so I decided to play along and act stupid too.
Fool: Hi... Can I get to know you
Fool: Hi... Thanks for the add... You Singaporean????
Me: No. *censored country name*
Fool: So what u doing in Spore????
Me: Messing around
Fool: messing with who??? who the lucky guy...
Me: secret
Fool: : so what type of guy you like???? Hmm you staying at where??
Me: I stay Gaylang (sic)

Fool: pardon me..... r u a escort???
Me: i did not say that
Fool: so what are you actually????
Me: what do I look like?
Me: and that is a rude thing to ask.
Fool: I really do not know.... that why I ask???
Me: You know what? I'm done here. I was saying all the in jest, and you didn't get it. No one on this bloody site ever does. I'm allergic to bad Grammar, I'm getting a degree soon, AND I work in an office in the Heart of the City. That sound fab? And no, I'm not from *censored country name*. The first answer was supposed to be an ice-breaker, but I guess that just didn't go right. GEEZ isn't there anyone who's somewhat intelligent on this site?
Fool: sorry..... that why I say padon me before I start..... I apologize
Fool: ohhh sorry if offended you... Sorry... If you mind than ok forget it than

DUH OF COURSE I MIND. I was posing as a 19-year-old, and you are 36 years old, for goodness sake. How can I not mind the shit some poor, gullible girls are getting themselves into?
Oh sure, you are not one of those "hi need quick $$$?" assholes, but still. Look for an adult, please? Don't prey on kids, because that is highly unethical. And fucking hell. it's only basic manners not to assume that girls are from *censored country*. Very offensive. None of my rel-lfe friends would ever commit a mistake like this.

AND FYI. There's this brand new Campaign in Singapore, called the Speak Good English Movement. Learn a trick or two from those post-it notes, dude.

I think I might have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I loathe lousy Grammar with every fibre of my being. Only when they come from people who I 看的不顺眼, though. And don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Singlish. It gives me a sense of belonging, and I use Singlish ALL THE TIME when I'm with friends. But Singlish and Sucky English? They couldn't be more different. Or maybe it's because.... once you despise someone, everything about him/her gets under your skin.  Haha.

BuhBye :)
-The girl who likes to act guai lan to guai lan people.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A very rainy day and a gross dude on the train

Just reached the office. Hello. It's raining real heavily now. I kid you not. Here's a photo of the sky 30 minutes ago. No editing done.
You know how SIAN I feel when this happens just when I'm about to set off? First, this is the most PERFECT weather to snooze in. Second, I hate getting my pants wet. Lucky for my trusty Crocs (which aren't all hole-ly, the new ones come in pretty trendy designs too), I don't get waterlogged shoes like everyone else heh heh heh.

I really need toget this off my chest because I can't get the very disturbing image outta my head.  This guy on the train was coughing, and to his credit, he covered his mouth with his hand.
Apparently, some... stuff got spewed out too. He decided to lick them off his hand (slowly, deliberately, but SO NOT seductively), and then wipe the hand on his trousers. Dude it isn't sexy. Not the way you do it. Pretty gross.
Had the audacity to give me a quizzical stare when I distanced myself a bit.
He was some office guy so you'd think he'd have learnt some basic public ettiquette.
Oh well well well. Now you have the image in your head too, so there are a few people sharing the burden with me hohoho :)

Nothing’s forever. Forever’s a lie. All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I look like Ju-On!

If in the 1% probability that I am bound to the curse of *only my close friends know what* I will scare the Monster-in-Law at night looking like this.Cute hor? Which colour is more ghost-like?

AND TAAAA DAAA Norman helped me do this. He say's it was just a quick edit, nothing special, but I think it ROCKS. Thanks dudeeeeeee :)

Sorry, I'm  feeling really crappy today!
My sister offered to buy me an iPhone, she is soooo nice I'm too dumb to use it, I think. It seems very complicated and I don't want to have those problems where you know, the bill comes and i see $$$$$$ because my mum would hit the roof! Basics are good enough for me, really. I'm saving up for early retirement :P
But then again.... The TOY CAMERA application is really cool. So are many others. But... $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Am going Comex tomorrow! GADGETS, GADGETS, GADGETS. All the best gadgets, at awesomely slashed prices. WOOO HOOOOOOO :D

Lotsa Love,
Gadget Girl Shushushushushu :)

Why I like Makeover Programmes on TV

My face emits an aura of  very blatant E-N-V-Y.  Hahaha :)
I was watching this programme on Channel 8. Average-looking people get made-up all pretty and dashing.  There'll also be a life-sized, photoshopped post-makeover photo of themselves.

I usually MAKE time to watch feel-good shows like that.
I love to see the joy, the elation in their eyes. Happiness is contagious. And then I'll fantasise about being in their shoes. . When the photo is unveiled, some just gaze at the photo, speechless. Some just look wonderingly, unable to take their eyes off the drastic change they never knew could be reality. They are genuinely grateful. Some break down, some laugh, hardly able to believe what they're seeing. Absolutely heartwarming.

I can soooooooooooooo imagine how they feel. Ya lor IMAGINE. No professional to help me, you tell me how leh?

  • It's so nice to be smokin', it's so nice to have people look at you, and go 'wow'.
  • It's so nice to get compliments and know you really deserve them. Even if you are a megabitch who never, never bother to acknowledge their existence , there'll be a certain type of people who are too afraid to piss you off  for fear of getting zero chance of getting into your pants (ugly, but true).
  • It's nice to have people falling all over themselves (oh the grovelling suckers) to get on your good side. And not just online. Real life would be fab.
  • Post your best photo on some freak-o site and you'll know. The feeling of power over people you live to so DAMN wonderful you want to revel in stupendous moments like that forever. But I would savour it even more if it happened in real life. Photos are deceiving you see. Not that I photoshop mine. Wish I knew how to, though.

If I had an awesomely edited photo of myself, I would be truly happy and would die without regrets even if I died the next hour.  I know I tend to be theatrical 90% of the time, I'm not being dramatic now. You wouldn't understand, and it's beyond any guesswork anyway.  It's nice to dream about stuff that are... already carved in stone...

But yes. Shit happens. And I'm much better-off than many people in many ways, and I should be thankful for that. Like D tweeted in reply to my very very 激动 tweet ,

 life is never fair. To be happy with life is to be content with what you have, especially if you have what others don't.
I have:
1)The most awesome friends and family anyone could ever ask for.
2) 5 working  human senses
3) The gift of mobility
4) Money to go to any doctor I need
5) A nice house
6) Air conditioning
7) A good camera
8) Nice, hot meals everyday, without fail
9) Having the luxury to do stuff like shopping... going to the beach.. chilling
10) A good education not everyone can afford
11) Eating chocolates and going for buffets once in a while.
12) A sane mine
13) Television. Facebook. Music. School.
13) Come to think of it, when you really ponder over the little luxuries you have in life. there really isn't an end.


Friday, September 3, 2010

People who are against plastic surgery

I don't know what's with _______ who are against plastic surgery

I mean, it doesn't make humans horrible. Why are you so offended?  It's none of your business, since those people mentioned aren't even aware of your (very insignificant) existence.
But the hate, biased judgement, and bitchiness, these come from truly horrible and inwardly ugly people, who are so insecure they just have to put strangers down in a pathetic attempt to make themselves feel better.

 I said it. If you're talking about me behind my back, that just means my life is obviously more interesting than yours. Sorry! :D

I am so glad I give you a purpose for your sorry little lives :)

HELLO COMEX 2010 <3<3<3<3<3