When your belts are too loose.

I've been buying cheap belts. The kind which cost a mere $5 for 3. I'm saving for early retirement, you see. Every cent counts! The thing about belts like that.... they usually don't punch many holes, and most of the time, the belts are too loose to wear.
And taking in mind the cost of the belts, no shopowner is gonna punch holes for you.
What can a girl do but solve the problem herself?

Credits to daddy dearest.

Call me dumb, but I never knew something like this existed:

Leather punch. I've just used this nifty little gadget to punch extra holes on my too-loose belts and too-long bag straps. Lifesaver for the penny pincher. You see those 6 little things sticking out? Those come in different sizes.... so you tweak it and punch extra holes of your desired size.

SEEEEE. It's simple!!!

And it's not as scary as it seems here. Done in a few seconds, easy peasy! Like ABC! I don't have to pay people to punch extra holes!!!!

I am feeling very happy because I saved money on more than 10 belts.
Or maybe I suaku lah. Haha.


Anonymous said…
oh ur dad bought tat thing? how much? where to buy? can i lent it frm u?

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