Hell Hath No Fury like a woman deprived of her Mcnuggets.

-DRAFT- you can read it but it's not at it's best. I'm only posting it to that I HAVE to get ot done asap. Or it'll be sitting around in my drafts, left to rot.

Punching.. screaming... hair-pulling.. climbing... reinforcements, window smashing, AND a jail term - just for some nuggets. Oh look at her go. She never, never gives up. We've got ourselves a  fiesty one here.

So was she lovin' it or not?

Oh I'm sure you've been warned.  Never get in the way of a premenstual woman, menopausal woman, pregnant women with hormonal imbalance, and most importantly, shrieking stampedes of women at sales. But this. This is a first.

I don't know if there's something wrong with my laptop, but I hear nothing. Not that I'd fancy burning my ears with some inebriated crap-talk.
Starts out as boring old everyday footage. Normal lady ordering her food. *yawn*
Stay, stay, don't lose interest! Now somewhere at 1:12...
Can you believe it. NO MORE NUGGETS! Oh the HORROR. :O

Then all hell breaks lose. Chick goes berserk. I'm not gonna say what she did because you HAVE to watch it :P
It's been more than a few of the local papers and you KNOW how our papers are, so this. This is NOT TO BE MISSED. Just watch from 1:15! Won't take a minute, I promise!

So. Darling. How bout that Prada sample sale I raving about? Still on? I promise I won't let any catty claws touch you even one bit. ;)

This is actually not  funny. Someone could have gotten hurt. Or worse, blinded. Bitch. Being drunk is no excuse for behaviour like this. Oh well. Chick's famous now. Over 1 million hits on youtube in less than a week. Coverage in papers worldwide. I'm glad she doesn't need PR. I would hve died tabulating the Total Ad Value she has generated from all the clippings.


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