Top 10 stupid things I have googled

So you know I like to google my name.. my parents' names, sister's name sometimes.
Well surprise surprise... I got bored again tonight. Got curious about life
I started to google: why do....
Can't post some of my 'questions' here because blogs are public after all.

Okay, everytime you google why do, there's this drop down bar.
I don't know, maybe it shows the most Googled stuff?
I'll let you see for yourself. XD

I had to strike off one word. But really, this appears on most of the who where what so I can't post em. Sad world.

Now this, this is for gender equality. Because....

You know, I've never really figured out why. I've spent days and days wondering about the attraction of Fat Tissue.

And of course, I cannot forget my own country (whose birthday's in a few weeks btw. LOVELOVELOVE). Relax, these were written by Singaporeans and they don't mean what you're thinking of right now. Misleading phrase lah! And the marriage thing? Don't even get me started. Ya lah. Some people should really support their own citizens instead of flaming innocent females for having better prospects. Sour grapes then say so lah. And I think I frequent a certain website too much hence the sensitivity. Pardon me :)

And out of the Blue, our global phenomenon's name pops out. Great kid. We used to watch his youtube videos in school and go "OMG I SHOULD BANG THE WALL. he's 13 and he's so good at ths'.

And we should never forget the phrase most of us come to know and love. We say this to our BFFS, we say this to MLM sales people, we hurl this at the TV. But all in pretty good spirits. Sometimes people see this as a phrase of affection. Cause you know... only people who know each other really well can say KNN jokingly and no one ever gets pissed.

JayBee again.
So I decided to Google his name and look what came up halfway. AHHHHH. That kid is sure FAMOUS :(

Even Paris Hilton doesn't get this.

And I am sure boring. I'm going to Loof tomorrow! Hope it doesn't rain :)

Till we meet again,



Anonymous said…
Hahaha, thats soooo funny!! I googled Why are South Africans... the 1st one said 'so rude, then 'white' (dont get that one) , then 'arrogant' 'racist' and also 'so stupid' hahaha! That was fun!!
Then with the Why do guys i got 'like virgins' too! Hahaha!
And Why do girls 'sleep around' and 'wear g strings' haha
But didn't get your 1st one Why do... (and you ommitted a word)
I'm using Google South Africa btw... hahaha
Jurgen :)

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