Facebook. My life, my sweat and blood.

Pardon the spelling. I was really worked up, if you realise. I was like !@#$%^ and tapping at my computer FRANTICALLY when I saw the notice.

But yeah. I think Facebook has really taken over my life. Not the addiction part, I mean. I'm not addicted and I'm pretty sure I could live without Faceboook for a very long time. Facebook is kind of like a blog to me already. Plus my friends can comment on specific photos.

I still read my old blog sometimes. Really amused by how I used to view things. SOOOO FUN. It's too bad I'm a working adult now who has to Mind Her Image. Which explains my new writing style. Never mind. novelty is good, right? SAY YES. :D

I got a really rude shock that morning. Was 3 minutes late for work because of that and you know how much I loathe tardiness! Well should have seen it coming.

Why? I kept getting logged out for the past few days. But I'm used to experiencing a few glitches here and there, and that's why I didn't think much of it. Next time, and everyone should learn from me, once you sense something with even a little HINT of fishiness, you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about it.

Well... things are alright now! Not sure if it was just a glitch or hacker, but changing contact details and password sure helps! And I am gonna change details like once every fortnight, SUCKA.

Top 5 reasons no one should ever get access to my Facebook Account:

1) I block certain people from seeing certain things I post. Usually it's about them :P
2) I have pen pals and PRIVATE MESSAGES.
3) I might indulge... oopps. ENGAGE in cybersex. Wouldn't want anyone to see how good I am, would I? :P
4) Now why would I let anyone get their hands on my prized possesion, my sweat and blood!!
5) If someone changes the privacy mode anywhere on my account I might just die.

Yours with Love,

Miss Facebook.


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