Baby Honey

My friend and I are talking to each other and trying to end each sentence with BABY and HONEY.

Our mutual friend is acting wayyyyy out of character and we have know him for 4 years.

Well I guess that's romance for you.

I think I am doing this all wrong.

Aiyah my fault la. I inexperienced ma. Nobody Baby Honey me before!

I think my hair would stand and never go back to normal though.

But if a Korean cutie like one of these were to BABY HONEY me... I can pretend to stand it la. Or maybe I'll be so dazzled I'll even swoon for real :P


I soooooooooo want to include some other photos. Like you know... football players... celebrities... Mr Switzerland 2009 (this dude is smokin' I tell you).

But I scared this certain group of people who are suffering from inferioty complex in my country NOT HAPPY LEH. They will say some mean, rude, uncouth, degrading and NO CONNECTION thing like open leg, hole/mouth/Ang Moh.
I'm so nice, considerate and thoughtful hor! See I never provoke peopple will low self esteem!AHHH :)
Must spare a thought for them mah.... Since they think so lowly of themselves, shall not bust their ego!
CHIU don't play play WORZ. I know your stupid lingos also ok!
But seriously... it's not about race now. It never should have been. There is only one race. The Human Race.

This is the very big nosed me waiting for the Honey Baby!
hey baby, where are you? I've been waiting for you all my life! <3>
Signing off now....

Goodbye Baby/Honey!



Anonymous said…
Hehe, i agree with that one race... The HUMAN race (Human is my surname) hehehe :)
I had a friend last year who was South Korean... Shame, he could hardly speak english. I invited him into our group assignment we had to do. Was cool chatting to him :) I enjoy chatting to foreigners... His name i think was Kwong Lee... i think... lost contact with him though after he went home... :(

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