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I want to be a Billionaire ooooooh so bad

Sorry for that explicitly vulgar language. Wasn't able to get the...milder one.

I sure wish I were a billionaire!
Think of all the things I could doooooooo.
The stuff I could have.
AND the things I DON'T have to do.
The people I don't have to talk to.
And then I'll have a whole load of burden taken off my back.

Okay back to reading my book onHOW TO BE RICH.

Facebook. My life, my sweat and blood.

Pardon the spelling. I was really worked up, if you realise. I was like !@#$%^ and tapping at my computer FRANTICALLY when I saw the notice.

But yeah. I think Facebook has really taken over my life. Not the addiction part, I mean. I'm not addicted and I'm pretty sure I could live without Faceboook for a very long time. Facebook is kind of like a blog to me already. Plus my friends can comment on specific photos.
I still read my old blog sometimes. Really amused by how I used to view things. SOOOO FUN. It's too bad I'm a working adult now who has to Mind Her Image. Which explains my new writing style. Never mind. novelty is good, right? SAY YES. :D
I got a really rude shock that morning. Was 3 minutes late for work because of that and you know how much I loathe tardiness! Well should have seen it coming.
Why? I kept getting logged out for the past few days. But I'm used to experiencing a few glitches here and there, and that's why I didn't think much of it. Nex…


So you know I'm the kind of girl who finds it possible to critise every single part of her body and face. I've been looking at older photographs, and have come to a conclusion. I think hair really plays one of the biggest roles in one's appearance..

This was taken a couple months ago.

And these... very recently. A bit of improvement, no? That's hair straigtening for you.I would very much like to curl my hair, but well.. at the rate the frizz is overwhelming my crazy mane, let's wait for next time. :)

Now, if I had Lasik, some jaw and nose defining surgery, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Now, it's time to brave my journey into my pile of old photos... fantastic memories, and earth shaking cringefests!


Sudden Craving at work

It's 3pm now. I'm in the office and all I want is GREEN TEA ICE CREAM :(

TGIF, btw :D:D
Pleaseeeee google Green Tea Ice Cream. The images are soooooooo soooooooo sooooooo mmmmm. I don't really dare post photos in case of copyrigth issues, but hmmmmm those images of the ice cream look good enough to eat!@
Or maybe I just have a thing for green ice cream! :P

Top 10 stupid things I have googled

So you know I like to google my name.. my parents' names, sister's name sometimes.
Well surprise surprise... I got bored again tonight. Got curious about life
I started to google: why do....
Can't post some of my 'questions' here because blogs are public after all.

Okay, everytime you google why do, there's this drop down bar.
I don't know, maybe it shows the most Googled stuff?
I'll let you see for yourself. XD

I had to strike off one word. But really, this appears on most of the who where what so I can't post em. Sad world.

Now this, this is for gender equality. Because....

You know, I've never really figured out why. I've spent days and days wondering about the attraction of Fat Tissue.

And of course, I cannot forget my own country (whose birthday's in a few weeks btw. LOVELOVELOVE). Relax, these were written by Singaporeans and they don't mean what you're thinking of right now. Misleading phrase lah! And the marriage thing? Don't e…

Baby Honey

My friend and I are talking to each other and trying to end each sentence with BABY and HONEY.

Our mutual friend is acting wayyyyy out of character and we have know him for 4 years.

Well I guess that's romance for you.

I think I am doing this all wrong.

Aiyah my fault la. I inexperienced ma. Nobody Baby Honey me before!

I think my hair would stand and never go back to normal though.

But if a Korean cutie like one of these were to BABY HONEY me... I can pretend to stand it la. Or maybe I'll be so dazzled I'll even swoon for real :P

I soooooooooo want to include some other photos. Like you know... football players... celebrities... Mr Switzerland 2009 (this dude is smokin' I tell you).
But I scared this certain group of people who are suffering from inferioty complex in my country NOT HAPPY LEH. They will say some mean, rude, uncouth, degrading and NO CONNECTION thing like open leg, hole/mouth/Ang Moh. I'…

When you're bored and you have a webcam

Okay I'm getting depressed. I am NEVER able to conjure up different expressions... and my nose sucks. Wanted to show the many different functions, but shall spare you the torture hahahaha. Say Thank YOu!!!! :):)