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So I read this in the newspaper today. WTF??!?!?! I haven't had the time to write anything much on this, and I'll do so tomorrow. Just a short passage :)
Dear Sulthan Niaz better prepare himself for the backlash.

THE Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) seemed to suggest last Thursday ('Singapore still far behind in true gender equality: Aware') that women are free from blame for the declining birth rate in Singapore.
In Singapore, most parents urge their children to excel in studies and focus on their career. Few prepare their children for the rigours of parenthood. Many households also employ maids. As a result, our boys and girls grow up lacking parenting skills and are clueless about household chores. The boys, however, have responsibilities forced upon them in the form of national service. Not so the girls. They are free to place personal ambition above all else.Many women choose to remain single because they do not see the need or the urgency to get married. They do not need a man to provide for them and they can always depend on their girlfriends for emotional support. As for sex, few see the need to have it regularly.
Even when a woman does want to get married, her expectations get in the way. The man must be her 'type'. He must have a great job, good income, be reasonably good-looking and he must also charm her off her feet before she will contemplate marriage.
Our society glorifies the career woman. Lifestyle and fashion magazines devote pages to tips for the career woman to get ahead. Floors in shopping malls cater exclusively to the needs of these women and credit card and insurance companies vie for their money.
As a result, women are spoilt for choice. Egged on by society, free from national service and reservist obligations and not needing a man, they are totally free to focus exclusively on their careers. Choosing to get married and have children is committing career suicide.
The conclusion is inevitable. We have raised a nation of 'spoilt princesses' unwilling and unable to handle the rigours of motherhood.

Looks like sour grapes huh? But I'm over the phase of the typical Man Gets Dumped and Thus Turns Bitter jibes.

Anyway, after reading the second paragraph, I was thinking. Who the f*** prepares their children(mere kids) for parenting when they should be studying like dammnnnnn hard in school?


I was at a loss for words when I first read it, but when I got over the utter ludicrousness of it all, overwhelming disgust and incense at the venomous nature of the letter compelled me to reply to this in the Straits Times Forum. Which got published :D
I don't think I'm supposed to post it here though, so i'll write a different but not-so-good piece.
No one is at fault for the declining birth rate in Singapore. Marriage and kids are personal, mutual decisions between both parties and their families. The need to pinpoint and push the blame on anyone is frankly, redundant.
(ok more like EXTRA). You think you girl izzit? Push blame here and there? People don't wnat kids that don't want lah!

It was implied that parents should prepare their children for ‘the rigours of parenthood’ instead of urging them to excel in their studies and careers. This would not benefit our society all, as we have to keep up with the rapidly advancing world, both intellectually and economically.
So are you saying that us girls should ONLY learn how to cook, sew, and do housework? OVER MY DEAD BODY.

Singapore’s main resource is her pool of human talent. Is it wrong for females to do their part and contribute to society? Furthermore, the cost of living is higher than it ever was. In the event where women wed, it is only practical for her chip in for the role of supporting the family financially too. Our society does not only glorify the career woman. There is a healthy balance of ‘glorifying’ career, studies, AND family for BOTH genders.

Everyone, regardless of gender, has certain expectations when it comes to marriage. Forgive me for not rushing into marriage with the first guy I come across. I'm not that desperate. Especially not when it comes to shallow people with one dimensional minds. I would do something drastic if I married someone horrible and the whole world will suffer.

Women of the 21th Century are not obligated to bow down and conform to the values of Yesterday. It has come to the time where we, as independent individuals, have a right to pursue our own aspirations. There will always be different views and preferences. Some women prefer to marry, and some prefer to stay single. At the end of the day, all these boil down to personal choices and RESPECT, which, liked I mentioned, every individual has a right to make.

So.... Still think we are baby-making machines?
You talk like that you make us sibeh dulan, you know?


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