Mummy is too adorable

She does stuff like that ALL THE TIME.
Brightens my day, she really does.

I was visiting my pet in Pet Society after a loooooong period of silence.
Decided to give a little housewarming session since my mum was just beside me.
Showed her my pet's living room, room, toilet, kitchen.
The kitchen's wallpaper was blue (her favourite shade) with white stars.
Mummy was soooo attentive and interested to know which rooms were which :)

Asked me why my kitchen was blue coz she'd prefer HER kitchen to be of a brighter colour.

Soooo..... after 2 hours... I noticed she was deep in thought.

Suddenly... she said:

" Why is your kitchen blue? Change to brigher colour la. Kitchens' wallpapers are always bright"!

Her expression was awwww so cute!

Can you imagine? Pet Society's just a GAME on FACEBOOK and Mummy's soooo interested!


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