Last Minute CNY Shopping is FUN. Hustle and Bustle.

So I just came back from Last Minute Chinese New Year Shopping with the family.
Crowded, Crowded, Crowded, but we managed to get a parking space fast :P
Lucky us.
Queues are unbelivably loooooooooong.
Families are FRANTICALLY getting all the goodies they lay their eyes on.
You know... cuz there are hardly any stores open during CNY period!
I can feel the festive season already.
Steamboat + BBQ Grill the day after next!
Bacon, Beef, meat, meat and more meat.
I can feel the fats piling on already.
Oh who careeees, I'll start on my diet AFTER CNY! :P

Some photos from the last time I visited the beach. Gosh. I miss school. The beach was one of my favourite haunts when I was schooling! Misses.


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