I'm girl.

I'm a girl.
A girl who can't text enough. A girl who is insecure about almost anything in particular. A girl whose least favourite word is WAIT. A girl who can't live without Facebook. A girl who can have 5 hour msn chats with her dearest friends. A girl who swears involuntarily at times without really meaning anything. A girl who has many dreams, but has yet to gather the motivation to achieve them. A girl who strives for happiness. A girl who wants to strike lottery and be a gazillionaire real, real badlly. A girl who shouts at videogames when she loses and thinks nothing about it. A girl who sometimes annouces that she has to pee. A girl who fantasizes about The Perfect Life too much. A girl who knows deep in her heart that there is no such thing as perfect. A girl who still loves boybands, however cheesy they might be. A girl who is trying to perfect Hoedown Throwdown dance moves because it's the easiest song to dance too though she doesn't really like Miley Cyrus. A girl who has a dirty little secret. A girl who is now thinking :'HA WHO AM I KIDDING'? A girl who's a real scatterbrain. A girl whose memory sucks when it comes to texbooks, but rocks when it comes to gossip from years ago. A girl who believes that all beetles are out to get her. A girl who wants to believe that there is good in everyone. A girl who loves her friends no matter who or what they are. A girl who believe in equality of sexes. A girl who condones infanticide. A girl who has never forwarded chain letters and hasn't has anything untoward happen to her yet. A girl who despises assholes who kill their baby girls JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN FEMALE. A girl who is the klutziest klutz ever, but will not ever admit it out loud. A girl who is thinking how boring she is and how she should think of more intellegent and entertaining traits to write about. A girl who is sleeeeeepy now.


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