Rainy Day Shower Indulgence

It's a rainy day. I love weather like this. And I thought, how better to to celebrate it than to use the current favourite shower products I have now? I always save these for special occasions, like when I'm feeling extra stressed out, or like today - when the weather's especially fine. Bearing in mind the expiry dates, of course. 

Okay I just took a moment to gaze out of the window. Why can't we have weather like that more often? No scorching sun, and you can feel a slight (cooling) breeze. There was even the sound and smell of rain and soft rumbling thunder (very rare in Singapore, in my opinion)! Which was when I decided to take a shower. It might seem to you, reader, that I'm exaggerating. But the sound and smell of rain, with the scent of this shower gel (which I am running out of and have no plans to buy it because it's 39 dollars and money doesn't grow on trees), is PERFECT. I closed my eyes, made some effort to imagine myself in a rainforest - you k…

The Influencer Obsession.

Question: Why do influencers wannabes like to follow random people?

Answer: They want to notify other humans of their existence, in hopes of a follow-back. And then they unfollow. So it seems like they are the echelons of the social media world. The greatest achievement in the world!

I've been getting the random follow here and there for quite a while now. Sometimes, I check out their profiles and find that... they're just boring. No wonder they need to painstakingly follow people/buy bots to follow people haha. Because there's no way they'll get noticed organically.

Look at this Instagram influencer, for example. How do you find 300 to follow? I follow 550 interesting people, and that took me YEARS to find all of them.

Boring or not is subjective - but some of these "influencers" seem to have no personality or depth. Pretty hair and photos are a dime a dozen. And most of these #randomfollow influencers (argh, whoever invented this word?) are so one-dimension…

My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

(P.S. Alliteration is intentional). 

And if you're the panicky type like me, you probably shouldn't continue reading. Don't say I didn't warn you!

It seems like I can worry about everything possible. If there's ever a reality show called "Extreme Paranoia" or "Extreme Hypochondria", let me know. I'll audition for a role. Pretty sure I'll get it.

In case you didn't know, I've been having problems with my impacted wisdom teeth for over 8 years. Tooth infections. They're usually quite painful, but not to the point of being unbearable because they happen once a year on average.

Last month though, it happened twice, and I somehow knew it was a sign that like it or not, I had to do something. Okay, fine. I was always told that I'll likely have to get them removed eventually, but there was never any need for immediate …

I Can Never Watch A Movie In One Sitting

And I don't know why! It's not like I have a short attention span, but I just get really, really sleepy after a while. Even if the movie's good.

Funny thing is, I never get sleepy when I watch movies in the cinema - only when I watch it on my television set (you'll be surprised at how many movie DVDs are available in the library for loan - major blockbusters included.

I just feel my eyelids getting increasingly heavier, and soon, I start being unable to concentrate because I'm just so... sleepy! I'm not sure if it's because I'm straining my eyes watching a small screen, or I just feel so safe (remember my paranoia about  serial killers in the theatre?), or the subconscious realisation that I can pause or rewind the film if I fall asleep in the theatre.

My sister (whom I share a TV with) was annoying me yesterday, so I threatened her with "Stop it or I'll watch two movies at one go and you can't watch!!". And she, thoroughly unimpresse…

The Lunchtime Dilemma

I was feeling quite productive today and my wisdom tooth infection was pretty much out of the way, AND I wanted to have lunch outside the the office today.
Thought I'd go to the nearby Indian/western cafe for lunch. The food's good, place smells incredible, and everything is priced reasonably. But I went a bit later,  so my oh my,  it was too crowded for comfort. As awesome as the place smelled, I made the decision to head somewhere else. And come back at like.. 12 pm sharp later this week.
Reviewed all my choices (as many choices as I can get in this area) and went somewhere else for lunch - somewhere I could get a seat. Decided to vet a cup of tea too and asked for iced tea (it's hot in Singapore hey). And did I look horrified at the $2.20 price or what (I probably did, and I even wanted to change my order but was embarrassed too) because the guy at the counter suddenly said, 
"Or would like hot tea? We have a promotion now - it's $1!"
I said yes very ver…

The Cake That Never Got Eaten

And it was a mighty luscious cake, I must add.

So last Friday afternoon, I bought a small piece of cake - a new Lychee one that my colleague bought for us to try. It's so.... light, mouss-ey and whip-creamy (yes no such words but I don't care HAHA). I was so excited to bring it home to celebrate the end of the week!


I only remembered when I was on the way home, and was too lazy to walk back to get it. In case you are wondering, I'm one of the lucky ones whose office is within walking distance - about 25 minutes from my home. I was already about 10 - 15 minutes into my journey... So as excited as I was... I was so tired that day (what's new?) that I decided to just leave it till Monday.

Over the weekend, I had my second wisdom tooth infection attack in a month, but that's a story for another day. I'll tell you though, that the discomfort (and perhaps antibiotics too) made me feel a bit slow and woozy in the morning. So instead…

I can't even write one sentence without doubting myself

Like how I wrote the title of this post, for instance. Oh, it's too long - something is wrong with it... I suck... Such a long headline is just plain wrong...

Okay you know what? While long headline are not ideal, this is my own space, and I should learn to just go with the flow of what I genuinely feel. And not self-edit until my thoughts are beyond recognition.

These days just haven't been easy for me. I find myself questioning every word I write, mutilating every sentence I write - to the point of what seems like obsession. And it's getting in the way of my productivity. Nothing I write seems right. For every word I write - I imagine 10 people thinking and saying different things about it. It's draining all my confidence away. And this makes my writing a a lot worse, not to mention slow, because I'm always editing editing editing what I've already written, thinking that it isn't good enough. And the more I worry, the more mistakes I make.

And I try so hard…